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11 ways a smartwatch can improve your life!

If you think smartwatches are just for reading messages and counting your steps, you are very wrong!

Smartwatches are so much more than just a watch. From tracking fitness to helping in an emergency, these handy gadgets really do it all! Here are 11 reasons everyone should own a smartwatch.

Your fitness buddy

Man Working Out And Listening To Music

Step counts are great if you’re into challenging yourself with walking or running, but there’s so much more your smartwatch can do. Go for a run or cycle without having to take your phone out by syncing it with running apps like Strava. Or, you can get workouts on-the-go with apps such as 7 Minute Workouts. Sync your music apps like Spotify and Apple Music too so you can listen to your favourite tunes whilst working out!

Swim for the win

Man Swimming With Smartwatch

If your chosen exercise is swimming, then you’re in luck! Some makes (be sure to check before you swim) are waterproof so you can even track your swimming progress too.

A map on your wrist

Man Getting Train Updates From Smartwatch

Get around with directions straight from your wrist! You no longer have to keep getting your phone out to check where you are or following the map only to bump into everything along the way! Download apps such as Google Maps for step-by-step directions from your watch. You can even get live notifications for public transport with apps like Citymapper and find parking spaces with the Parking app.

A safe journey home

Location Tracking On Smartwatch

Standing on the side of the road late at night holding your expensive phone in your hand can make you feel vulnerable. With a smartwatch, you can download the Uber app to order your taxi, check how far away your driver is and view licence plate details whilst looking like you’re simply checking the time. Meanwhile, your phone stays safely out of sight in your pocket.

Help in an emergency

Smartwatch Calling SOS

Smartwatches can be used in an emergency too. Different brands offer different safety options. You can set up an SOS message to be sent to relatives to let them know you need help and give them your exact location or make a call to the emergency services. This can be really useful for keeping older relatives or friends safe. Plus, pressing a button on your smartwatch is way more discreet and a lot faster than using your phone.

Staying in the loop

Email Notification On Smartwatch

Gone are the days of carrying around your laptop or tablet to keep on top of work or important events. Your smartwatch can alert you with emails, calendar reminders and shopping lists by downloading apps such as Outlook and Todolist. Some can even do video calls too!

Find your important items

Calling Phone From Smartwatch

How many times have you searched your house looking for your phone or keys? Now you can find them right away with your smartwatch. Many now have a ‘find phone’ feature that you can link to your phone and find it in seconds. To find keys and other important items you can purchase a Bluetooth tracker such as ‘Tile Mate’, attach it to your belongings and download the app. Perfect for us forgetful lot!

Faster shopping

Man Using Smartwatch To Pay

No more need for fumbling around in pockets and handbags trying to find your purse or your phone, you can pay with your smartwatch! Link it to your Google Pay or Apple Pay and you can make shopping a whole lot quicker.

Stay mindful and relaxed

Man Relaxing With Meditation

Get meditation and relaxation techniques on-the-go using apps such as Calm. The sessions range from 2 to 25 minutes so you can complete them during a stressful day at work or on your busy commute.

Achieve perfect group photos

Friends Taking A Group Selfie

No more setting up a timer and running to get into position or awkward selfies. You can set up your phone, get the group into posing position and then use your watch to trigger the shutter and take the perfect pic.

Express yourself

Emojis Coming Out Of Smartwatch

Does anyone even send a message without emojis anymore? Some smartwatch makes allow you to draw the emoji you want to reply with and it will find the one you mean. Plus, it really doesn’t have to be artistic, your watch will recognise it and show you what it thinks you mean. No more scrolling for the perfect emoji!

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