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The 10 things that are guaranteed to happen at every British picnic

Picnics are the new eating out!

Picnics have their perks. You can eat what you want, it costs a lot less and there’s no restriction on how long you can stay. After the last few months, we are all fully embracing the new picnic era!

However, living in Britain, your picnic dreams don’t always go to plan! Here are 10 things that are guaranteed to happen at every British picnic…

Screenshots of the weather in the group chat a week before

Please, please, please let there be sun!

It rains

Of course, it does.

A wasp appears

And everyone acts like they are being attacked by dinosaurs!

Someone forgot to pack the sausage rolls

Well, we might as well go home then!

The cheese on sticks run out first

You’ve got to get in there fast!

Someone brings alcohol

A family picnic has now turned into a one-man outdoor festival!

You’ve packed way too much food

You’ll be eating quiche for a week.

The sandwiches are soggy

No matter how much wrapping you use!

Something spills

Usually the yoghurt or juice. Everything is now even soggier.

All the benches have gone

Time to play dodge the wet patches!


Enough said!

But despite these minor inconveniences, we Brits just can’t get enough of them!

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Good luck!

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