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22 things you never thought you’d say – until lockdown!

Did you ever think you’d consider calling the cops on your neighbours for having their mom round? Or that it would be pretty much a crime to sit next to someone on the bus?

It didn’t take us long to get used to our new normal. But, it isn’t until we actually take a second to stop and think ‘why am I fighting over loo roll in Tesco?’ that we realise just how much it’s changed!

Here are 22 things you never thought you’d hear yourself say…until now!

1. What day is it?!

2. Carol Baskin definitely murdered her husband.

3. 12.15 on a Monday. That’s beer o’clock now!

4. I need to be back in time to watch Boris.

5. What are jeans again?

6. Time to change out of my day Pjs to my evening Pjs.

7. Yay, it’s Friday! Shall I change the beds or do a puzzle?

8. 3.20pm on a Wednesday. Beer O’clock!

9. I will pay good money just for some flour.

10. Well, you asked me to cut your hair!

11. The week’s worth of snacks have gone already… it’s Monday.

12. Too busy to be out clapping this week is she?

13. Let’s buy 10 packs of pasta, just in case.

14. OMG THERE IS LOO ROLL!!! I must alert the group chat immediately.

15. What colour shall I put in my hair this week?

16. There are only 30 people waiting to get into Tesco, that’s fine!

17. 2.05pm on a Thursday. You guessed it, beer o’clock!

18. Shall we report the neighbours for having their Mom round?

19. I’m so excited for virtual quiz night!

20. It’s fine, I washed my hair last Tuesday!

21. I even miss Gill from finance

22. 9am on a Saturday. It’s beer… Oh wait, is it Tuesday?


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