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How to prepare for life after lockdown

Everything you need to know to help you get used to the new normal.

FYI – Just a reminder that information on lockdown restrictions is constantly changing! Please keep your eye on government announcements to stay safe and be fully in the know!

Just as group video calls, garden BBQ’s and learning how to rock our overgrown hair were becoming the norm, things are about to change again! We are now able to take a trip to the salon, see our friends and family face to face and even go on holiday. Hoorah!

Life may be slowly feeling like normal again but some things will still be very different. You may already be booking to reunite with the beach or be taking it a little easier. Whatever you’re planning to do with your new-found freedom, make sure you’re fully informed.

Our tips on preparing for life after lockdown will help you do just that!

Holiday! Celebrate!

Beach With Bag And Accessories

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Cancelled holidays and making do with sunbathing in the garden has been our summer so far. But now it’s time to finally get that holiday feeling. Out of office, here we come!

Flying out 

If you’re hoping to get your sunny fix abroad, here are some things to keep in mind.

Where to?
Restrictions on many popular holiday destinations have now been lifted, meaning you no longer need to self-isolate for 14 days when you return. Be sure to check the list of destinations before you book though, you can find it here.

Are we there yet?
Your journey abroad will be very different too. Face masks must be worn at all times while travelling and social distancing must be adhered to in airports. Drinks and food options may be limited so bring your own if it’s a long flight! Cabin crew and staff will keep everyone well informed throughout your journey, so there’s no need to worry.

When you get there
Each country will have different guidelines to follow when you arrive. Be sure to be prepared and find out before you arrive. You can find this information on the website.

Check, please
Check, check and check again! Keep an eye on information for the places you’re travelling to as things are always changing.

Top tip
Many airlines are offering flexi flights so you can change the date for free. If anything was to happen or you are unable to travel, be secure in the fact that you can travel at a different time and not miss out on your holidays!

Staying local?

If you’re not sold on heading off abroad just yet, why not consider a break in the UK! If you time it well and the weather is good, breaks in places like Cornwall, Devon and Brighton can feel just like a holiday abroad!

On the road again
If you’re travelling by public transport, be sure to wear your facemask and still adhere to social distancing.

Early bird catches the worm 
Or gets the dates they want! There will be many people wanting to get away too. Book early and get the place and dates you want, you’ve been waiting long enough! Plus, make sure there is a cancellation policy, just in case you are unable to travel. Sites such as Airbnb allow you to cancel up to a week before your arrival date.

Check, check, check 
Some places are experiencing local lockdowns. Make sure you check the news and information right up until you leave.

Time for a new do!

Hairdressers Sign Saying Open

Overgrown locks and unwanted greys are no more. The hairdressers are back. When you book your appointment (if you haven’t already beat us to it!) the salon should tell you everything you need to know. Just so you’re prepared, here are some tips to help you.

Mask it
Face masks will need to be worn at all times. You can bring your own (maybe to match your stylish new locks) or might be able to purchase one from reception for a fee.

Stock up!  
Refreshments, drinks and magazines may not be available as a safety precaution. If you like to have a read or a munch on some biscuits while you’re in the hot seat, be sure to bring your own (just check it’s ok to do so when booking your appointment.)

You’re in good hands
Salons are under strict guidelines and will have safety measures in place. Staff will be wearing visors and masks, you will be kept at a safe distance from other clients and areas will be fully cleaned after each use. So there’s no need to worry!

A much-deserved pamper!

Spa Bed And Towels

No more need to hide our boring or chipped nails any more, hoorah! Salons have been reopened from 13th July and are now taking appointments.

Check your treatments

Most treatments are now allowed to go ahead but check with your salon or beautician before attending. Some salons may have different procedures to others.

Safety first
Just like hairdressers, beauty salons and those working for themselves will have the required safety measures in place. If you’re curious, check with them before you attend.

Work it!

Person's Trainers On Treadmill

From the 25th July gyms will be allowed to reopen! Great for some, back to reality for many. But it’s great to see that you can head out for your regular work out once again!

Keep it clean 
Cleaning equipment and safety measures will be in place across all gyms to ensure your safety. Do your bit and clean your kit after use to help keep yourself and others safe.

Don’t peak 
Try to attend the gym at non-peak times to avoid busy areas and queues. Some gyms have introduced a system where you can check before you gym.

Be ready 
Change into your gym kit before you arrive and shower at home when you can to avoid as much contact as possible.

Who’s up for 5 courses?

Close Up Of Restaurant Menu
Oh, how we’ve missed a slap-up meal, a glass of wine and our favourite dessert, without having to lift a finger! Pubs, restaurants and bars are now starting to open their doors and welcome people in and it’s a sight we’ve all been waiting to see!

Book it 
Book in advance to make sure you get the meal you’ve been waiting for! Some places will let you in on the off chance if they aren’t busy but if it’s going to be a peak time, be sure to book.

Seek the sun
Some pubs are only letting people drink outside so make sure it’s a nice day and save your soggy hair and pint!

Save, save, save
Make the most of the 50% off Monday to Wednesday deal recently announced by the government! The offer is throughout August and applies to restaurants who sign up. Big names such as Harvester, Nandos and Pizza Hut are all signed up so check the website before you attend.

Party like it’s your birthday!

Cupcakes With Candles

Birthday coming up and not sure how to celebrate? Maybe you had a birthday during lockdown and fancy a late celebration. Try some of these fun activities you can do now to have some fun!

The great outdoors
Have a garden BBQ with just a few friends and family and have a long-awaited catch-up! Or you could visit some relaxing gardens, heritage sites or outdoor landmarks.

The comfort of your 4 wheels 
You can now attend a show from your very own car! @TheDriveIn have set up spaces around the country where you can watch classic films from your car with snacks and drinks bought to you! This summer will also see live shows bought to us by Utilita Live from the Drive-In with acts including Dizzy Rascal, Beverly Knight and The Streets and many more!

Book it up
Book your favourite restaurant in advance and enjoy some nice grub and company.

Get wild 
Aquariums, zoos, safari parks, farms and wildlife centres are now open so why not take a trip to see some wildlife and have a great day out with the family.

Put the fun in funfair
Thrilling days out at theme parks, doing adventure activities or visiting amusement arcades are now allowed too.

Exhibit A: Fun day out
Soak up a little culture or be transported to a different time or setting at your local cinema, museum or art gallery.

Whatever your planning to do, we guarantee there will be a queue! Be prepared and make your queue time count with our top tips to pass the time.


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