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The 10 things lockdown actually didn’t change!

Anyone else’s life not changed that much since the start of lockdown?

At the beginning of lockdown we all went into panic mode thinking our lives would never be the same again. Yes, we have had to get used to wearing masks in shops and not being able to leave our homes as often, but has it really changed all that much?

We thought back to the start of lockdown and of all the things we were panicking about and realised that actually, not everything changed all that much. We might even go as far as to say some things improved! Here are a few things we thought at the start of lockdown and how they actually turned out:

We’ll have to stay in and watch Netflix all day!

Pretty sure we all spent our Sunday’s doing this anyway! This just gave us a great excuse to do it on a Wednesday too and not feel one ounce of guilt.

Woman Watching Laptop All Day

We can’t see our friends

We don’t know about you guys, but we actually saw our friends more in lockdown than we did before! Arranging a video call is way easier than getting everyone in the same place at the same time. Plus, we’re now all pub quiz geniuses!

Group Video Call

We’re going to exercise every day!

Erm, 4 months in and we haven’t done one online class. We’re beyond help!

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Wearing a mask all the time is a nightmare

No makeup in public and a way to cover it up – yes, please!

Woman Eating Food Through Face Mask

We can’t eat out

We’ve actually learned how to cook and after (ahem the 10th attempt) realised we’re not actually that bad!

Homer Simpson Setting Fire To Cereal

We can’t go shopping

Online order every day? Yea, same here!

Woman Ordering Online

Constant cleaning will be a pain

We’re now part of the Hinch army and our homes have never been cleaner, result!

Woman Dancing And Cleaning Home

We’ll be stuck inside all the time

The weather = garden 24/7. Pass me another Mojito!

Dog Sunbathing In Bikini

I can’t get my hair cut

We had some fun inventing ways around it!

Man Cutting Hair With Bowl

This is a great opportunity for a health kick!

*the second McDonald’s reopened*

Car Speeding Down Road


As we prepare to get used to our new normal, we challenge you to also look back and try to think of some of the positives that have come from our lockdown lives! Although the last few months have been uncertain for us all, they may not have been as bad as we first thought.


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