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Awesome tools that make DIY more fun

Who said DIY couldn’t be fun?<

Whether you’re a tool carrying, money-saving ‘let me take a look’ kinda person or you see DIY as just an annoying chore, we’ve got just the thing! Here are 10 tools that not only make DIY a lot more fun but a great deal easier too!

Never lose screws again!

Tired of dropping and hunting for screws? With this magnetic wristband, you’ll always have them right where you want them! Its magnetic plates secure screws, nails and bolts making any DIY project a breeze. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

Magnetic Wristband With Screws

DIY on the go

9 In 1 Tool Key Chain

Where DIY is needed you are there with this 9 in 1 multi-tool keychain! Home, work, at the kids’ house, your DIYing knows no bounds! It includes wire cutters, pliers, a screwdriver and bottle opener (for the celebration) and can even be personalised. This gadget is a must for any DIYer!

Mark your territory!

If your shed, garage or even bedroom is your place of DIY worship, make it known with this personalised sign! Let everyone know that this is where the magic happens and where to come if they need something fixed!

Personalised Sign Saying Dad's Shed

Level up

Personalised Spirit Level

It’s no secret that a spirit level makes DIY chores a whole lot easier. But why not add a twist to your levelling by investing in a personalised version! Add any message of your choice and give yourself a boost whenever you’re DIYing!

Paint with no mess!

Yes, this is possible with this HandiRoll paint roller! This tool lets you refill your paint whenever you need it without having to stop. Simply pump the paint using the power trigger and messy rolling and dripping paint will be a thing of the past!

Paint Roller That Refills

Get on a roll! 

Rolling Knee Pads For DIY

Painting, laying tiles, landscaping and other repair chores can be made easy with these super cool rolling knee pads! They will keep the pressure off your knees, help with balance and mobility and look cool too!

Get organised

The organised DIYer’s dream is this pegboard to have all your DIY tools at your fingertips! The perfect addition for your DIY station, this board will hold all your tools and even have space for more!

Pegboard With DIY Tools

Ready when you are! 

Personalised Tool Box

If a pegboard’s not your thing or you’d rather have your tools on the go, this personalised toolbox is a great way to do it! Add any message or name, keep your tools all in one place and be ready for anything.

Get the kids involved!

DIY is a great thing to teach your kids and with this super cute kids’ toolbox. It allows them to learn and play at the same time as well as be a little helper for you.

Kids Pay Tool Box

Self-levelling laser

Self Levelling Laser For DIY

I mean, there’s not much cooler than a laser, right? Make your levelling work super easy and have fun too with this self-levelling laser. Star Wars meets DIY!

Now you’ve got the tools you need you’re almost ready to go! To get yourself super prepared why not check out these 10 super easy ways to improve your DIY skills.

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