Smart Phone Helping With DIY

The apps every DIYer needs to know about

As essential as your hammer and nails!

What’s missing from your DIY tools? A handy app, that’s what! From ideas and inspo to tools and gadgets, apps can give you everything you’re looking for and make your project a whole lot easier.Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, it’s time to give these DIY apps a try!


Phone With YouTube Logo

First and foremost, YouTube! If you haven’t used YouTube tutorials in the past are you even a DIYer? With step-by-step guides and genius ideas from fellow DIYers, what’s not to love? From fixing your appliances to painting your living room, YouTube is packed with videos for both the professionals and the newbies.

It’s where you’ll find our handy channel too.

Top Tip: Be as specific as you can to narrow down your search to save you sifting through tons of videos.


Fed up of hunting for the tape measure or struggling to measure something large on your own? Download TapMeasure (IOS only) and do it all on your phone! It’s an augmented-reality app which can measure the distance between two points with just two taps! Not only does it take the stress out of measuring, you can even use the app to check the orientation on your wall and ensure frames, artwork or shelving are completely straight. Check it out!

Smart Phone With Measuring Tape

Paint Tester

Yellow Wall In Home

Want to paint your walls but unsure what the colour will look like? Introducing Paint Tester! This fantastic app lets you take a photo of the room you want to paint and test out different colours and shades to find the perfect one for you. Although the results may not be exactly the same, you can get a great idea and it’s a whole load better than the chore of painting and repainting.


Whether it’s building, renovating or decorating, Houzz Home Design and Renovation app will provide you with some great design inspiration to get your creative juices flowing! Browse through millions of images that will fill you with ideas and even allow you to buy some of the furniture you see. It even uses augmented-reality so you can upload an image of your room and see what it will look like before you buy!

Phone Viewing Items In Home


Woman Looking At Pinterest On Tablet

Another great app for DIY ideas is Pinterest. Just type in what you’re looking for scroll through many images, videos and fantastic ideas to fix, create or decorate your home. You can pin all your ideas to different boards so you can browse them whenever you like.


Carry your toolbox on your smartphone at all times with Toolbox Smart Meter Tools! This handy app gives you access to 13 measuring tools whenever and wherever you are. It includes a compass, stopwatch, spirit and service level, a barometer and many more!

Phone With Toolbox Inside


eSpares App

Last (but certainly not least) is our very own eSpares app. Created for convenience, this app allows you to shop on our online store, receive customer service via our LiveChat, access our latest deals and offers and view all of our online advice, including how-to Youtube videos and repair/maintenance information for your houeshold appliances. When it comes to keeping things ticking in your own home, DIY has never been so easy with this app. And the best part? It’s completely free on both the App Store and Google Play!

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