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8 reasons you need to barbecue right now!

The one good thing about lockdown? Barbecues!

There really isn’t a better time to enjoy the outdoors, the sunshine and the sweet taste of a barbecue. If you really need a reason, well we have 8.

The smell

There’s something about the sweet smell of a barbecue that makes us all crave the taste of those sizzling sausages. Yum!

The weather

Enough said!

The family time 

Yes, we’re now with our families all day, every day. But do we actually sit, talk and laugh?

The gadget break

We’ll admit, lockdown has had us glued to our phones, tablets and TV screens for weeks. Have a break and enjoy the outdoors.

The alfresco dining

Because everything tastes better outdoors!

The dancing

Who cares what the neighbours think!

The music

And you can’t dance without music!

And how it makes us feel

Refreshed, satisfied and relaxed to name just a few. After a day outside, chatting, laughing, playing games and of course, the food, our moods are sure to be lifted!

Now, just before you get your pinny on and your baps out, make sure you’re not making these common barbecue mistakes first!

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