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How many of these new careers have you tried during lockdown?

Hands up if you’re having a career change after lockdown!

If lockdown has taught us one thing, it’s that we can adapt to anything. And if that means, taking on the role of every possible profession going, then we will certainly give it a try!

How many of these careers have you tried during lockdown?


How hard can it be right? Turns out very! You might have shaved a bald patch into your partner’s head or cut your fringe so it only covers half your forehead. It’s nothing that won’t grow back, right? Long, messy hair doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Woman Cutting Her Own Hair


You’d never spent that much time in your kitchen before and baking was a waste of time when you can just buy cupcakes from Tesco! But now, you’re baking, icing and making sure those cookies are the perfect circle. Until everyone else joined in the craze and now you’d sell your own kidneys to get your hands on a 1kg bag of flour and half a dozen eggs. The homemade brownie cravings are real!

Child Excited With Cakes


Sticking in some chicken nuggets or waiting for the ping of the microwave is no more. You’re dicing, you’re grilling, you’re saucing and you’ve and you even bought a spice rack! Jamie Oliver, eat your heart out.

Man With Chef Outfit


You’ve mown, you’ve pruned, you’ve planted and you’ve spent hours queueing outside B&Q. But it’s all been worth it now you have a garden even Alan Titchmarsh would be jealous of. And, if anyone dares to tread on your perfectly preened roses, there will be hell to pay!

Man Sitting In Wheelbarrow


There’s no more running away from the maths homework because now you’re teaching it. You’ve mastered those times tables and finally got your children to listen. Teachers of the world, we salute you!

Woman Falling Asleep On Books


The worst possible time for your washer, freezer or cooker to break! But, with no one to fix it for you, that annoying leak or dodgy sound wasn’t going to fix itself. You’ve stepped up to the challenge and now you’re patting yourself on the back every time someone uses the washing machine. You’re loving the glory! Hats off to you hero DIYers.

Man With Cape And Fixing Tools

Interior Designer

The sofa that has remained in the same place since you moved in has now changed its position nine times in the last few weeks. You’ve got orders of cushions, candles and frames coming through the door every day and your home now looks like you’ve stepped into an IKEA showroom!

Man Inside DIY Cupboard

Hats off to everyone taking on new roles and fulfilling all your household needs during lockdown! Anyone else ready to get back to the day job yet?

Tell us what other careers you’ve been taking on during lockdown and join the conversation on ourĀ Facebook page!

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