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How to celebrate National Wildflower Week

It’s spring, the sun is shining and we’re growing wild for National Wildflower Week!

Celebrated on the first week of May, National Wildflower Week commemorates the colourful blossoms that bring our landscapes to life. Wildflowers create habitats, help conserve water and reduce soil erosion.As we’re all out in our gardens enjoying the sunshine, planting flowers and admiring the beautiful colours of spring, why not get involved and celebrate our wonderful wildflowers!

Why are wildflowers so important?

In the UK, we need a wide range of wildflowers to provide pollinators (bees and other insects that pollinate plants) with local food sources across all seasons. Wildflowers also contribute to scientific and medical research as some native wildflowers contain compounds which can be used in drugs to treat diseases.

What are some types of wildflowers?

Here are a few wildflowers you may see every day!

Oxeye Daisy In Field

Oxeye Daisy
The oxeye daisy is made up of many small flowers which hold nectar for insects including butterflies, bees and hoverflies.

Sweet Violet In Grass

Sweet Violet 
A lovely colour of purple, the sweet violet grows on woodland edges and its flowers provide nectar for butterflies in early spring.

Hedera Helix Ivy

Ivy (Hedera Helix)
Ivy can be found in woodland, scrub, wasteland and on isolated trees and supports at least 50 species of wildlife.

Bluebell In Long Grass

Bluebells are a sure sign that spring is in full swing! Woodland butterflies, bees and hoverflies all feed on their nectar as they flower earlier than many other plants.

Dog Rose On Bush

Dog Rose 
Found in hedgerows, woodland edges and on scrubland, the dog rose is an important nectar source for insects and a food source for birds.

Lesser Celandine In Green Bush

Lesser Celandine
A beautiful yellow and star-like shape, lesser celandine plants brighten up woodland and are an important food source for queen bees.

How to celebrate National Wildflower Week

Woman Reading Book Sitting In Flowers

Do some research

Browse the internet or read books to find out more about wildflowers. Discover the types of wildflowers that grow in your area and find out where you can find them.

Kids Walking Through Wildflowers

Get your walking boots on

Go outside and see how many wildflowers you can spot on your way! Keep the kids busy by searching for the different types and enjoy seeing them in their natural habitat.

Woman Photographing Wildflower

Be a photographer

Take photos of all the lovely wildflowers you see and create a collage for your wall to bring some beautiful nature indoors.

Man Planting Wildflower

Plant a wildflower

Why not fill your garden or outdoor space with more wildflowers! Wildflowers are super easy to plant as they thrive in low quality soil so no ground prep is needed. So if you’re a gardening beginner, they are perfect you you! You can plant the Oxeye Daisies, Bellflowers, Primroses and more! Here is a guide of how and when to plant wildflowers.

Wildflower Sprouting In Grass

Spread the word!

Tell your friends about National Wildflower Week and encourage them to learn and celebrate too. You can share your knowledge, tips and photos of wildflowers together.

Tell us how your celebrating National Wildflower Week and post your lovely photos on our Facebook page.

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