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News stories to feel positive about

Because after every storm, there are rainbows!

During this uncertain time, we want to remind everyone that although much of the news is hard to take in right now, there are still so many heart-warming gestures and stories of hope that will help to get us through.

Here are a few reasons to feel positive for the week ahead!

“We will meet again”

The Queen addressed the nation giving a touching speech to praise the NHS as well as those pulling together during this difficult time. She assured the nation that together, we will get through this and told us all that “we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again” and it’s exactly what we needed to hear!

Air pollution plummets

Air pollution in the UK has significantly dropped in the last two weeks! Since the lockdown came into place, satellite images from China and Italy have shown dramatic reductions in concentrations of the pollutant nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and now the UK is following suit with many cities experiencing lower levels of pollution.

Heavy Traffic On Motorway
Privacy is everything! 

Ying Ying and Le Le, two adorable pandas in Hong Kong zoo have finally mated after 10 years of trying! The pair made the most of their privacy while Ocean Park zoo was closed and are hoping to welcome a new baby panda. This is everything!

Pandas In Zoo

An extra £750m for charities on the front line

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that £750 million will be granted to front line charities so they can continue their amazing work during the coronavirus pandemic. Charities such as hospices, St John’s Ambulance, victim charities such as those for domestic abuse, vulnerable children’s charities and Citizens Advice will benefit from the funding.

Mr Sunak said charities are playing a “crucial role” in the UK’s fight against coronavirus and stated that this will “ensure our key charities can continue to deliver the services that millions of people up and down the country rely on.”

A new friendship

5-year-old Kirah from Wolverhampton wrote a heart-warming letter to her 93-year-old neighbour, Ron to check on him during the coronavirus! Kirah wrote that she “just wanted to check he was OK” and told him she had drawn him a rainbow. Ron was extremely touched by the letter and he wrote back to Kirah thanking her for her kind gesture. How lovely!

Letter From 5 year Old

The power of positivity


Its not just us spreading positive news, John Krasinski from The Office TV show has set up a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing good news. During each show he talks about all the heart-warming stories from around the world to make us all feel better at this uncertain time. Bravo, John – this is what we like to see!

A beautiful view


For the first time in 30 years, the Himalayas are visible in parts of India! The stunning snow-capped mountains can be seen from 125 miles away in the Jalandhar district of Punjab. Pollution levels across the country have dropped significantly during the country’s lockdown. Locals from the area flocked to social media to post these beautiful images.

View Of Himalayas

Mental health support for health workers

NHS England has launched a mental health helpline specifically for health workers on the front line who are in need of support during the COVID-19 pandemic. The service is completely free and will be staffed by more than 1,500 trained volunteers who will be on hand to answer calls and texts.
Call: 0300 131 7000
Or text: FRONTLINE to 85258

Nurse On Mobile Phone

A good morning for all!

3-year-old Ralph is bringing joy to his neighbours during his one walk a day by continuing to greet them and say good morning! Ralph’s uncle, Toby Marriot, posted a video of Ralph greeting imaginary people on the street and waving to elderly neighbours from their driveways. He said that Ralph is an extremely sociable child and is missing “his daily Babyccino and all his friends at the local coffee shop!” We’re with you, Ralph!

Stay tuned for more news every week to keep you positive!

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