How Can We Stop Life Skills From Dying Out?

According to a study by Good Housekeeping, only 47% of millennials know how to bleed a radiator whereas 80% of over 35s do! So are basic life skills in danger of dying out?

In the same study only 24% of those 34 and under knew how to darn a hole, 33% knew how to shorten a hem and 49% knew how to clean a dishwasher filter! But why are skills such as these so important? Macmillan English claims that in a constantly changing environment, life skills are ‘an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life.’

So what can we do about it? Here are some ways we can ensure these essential life skills remain a part of our lives…

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Give it a Try

Next time something breaks, needs a revamp or if you just want to do some DIY in your home, don’t call in help, try doing it yourself! If may seem daunting, especially if you’ve never tried it before but trust us, not everything’s as hard as you think. In the long run, you’ll learn a new skill, save heaps of money and be deemed a DIY hero! But where do you start we hear you ask, read on to find out…


Learn From Others

Ask! Contact family, friends, work colleagues and ask if they have any knowledge of what you’re trying to do. Chances are there’s definitely someone who has the required skill or has been in the exact same position. And, instead of getting them to do it for you, try asking them how they did it, get them to show you or at least, if it’s a fix, give you some tips on how to stop it from happening again!

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Take a Class

If you’re looking to brush up on some DIY skills or learn how to do some odd jobs around the house, there are classes you can take at local colleges or organisations to help you! If you want to learn a new trade or be experienced in a particular craft, you can take a specific course and be on your way to becoming an expert.


Teach Yourself

Some people may blame technology for the loss of these life skills, but in fact, it can actually help. YouTube tutorials have grown increasingly popular in the last few years with step-by-step videos produced on everything from applying makeup to fixing a leaking tap! Like us, for example, if your appliance breaks down or develops a fault, we help you fix it yourself with easy how-to videos showing you how to diagnose and fix your items, saving you money and turning you into a domestic hero!

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Add Skills to the School Curriculum

Is school to blame for why millennials no longer knowing how to knit, sow, build or do DIY? A study by Able Skills revealed the 30 skills people wish they were taught in school. These included wiring a plug, changing a tyre, putting up a shelf and plastering a wall as well as opening a bank account, buying a house and taking out a pension. It also found that 4 in 10 Brits who took part said they didn’t feel that their school taught them enough to get them through later life.


Share Your Skills

If you’re already experienced in a particular skill either through teaching yourself or through a trade, why not share your skills with others. Hold classes, or let friends and family know that if they ever need something doing you can be the hero of the hour! It feels great teaching others how to do what you do best! (Trust us, we know!)

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What life skills do you fear are dying out and what do you think we should be doing about it? Let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts in the comments below or via our Facebook page!

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