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We Basically Bought Matthew a Hot Tub…

Put your money in an engineer’s pocket or buy your very own outdoor hot tub? Your choice…

We’re always telling you how much you can save by fixing your appliance yourself! But don’t just take our word for it, here are some savvy fixers who saved themselves some serious cash! And, although we don’t know what they did with it, we’ve taken some creative licence and had a good guess…

With an amazing saving of £300, Matthew could have bagged himself an actual hot tub!

Trustpilot Customer Review Saving £300

People Inside Inflatable Hot Tub
Credit: Lay-Z Spa 

As we speak, Matthew could be relaxing in his brand new hot tub from the money he saved and he may have even had some change left over for a bottle of champers. Nicely done, Matthew. New tumble dryer or snazzy new hot tub, we know what we’d rather have!

A £200 saving could solve all your gym problems!

Trustpilot Customer Review Saving £200

Home Gym Equipment Machine


It’s a struggle to get to the gym, especially in the cold weather. But, if you’ve got a saving of £200 you could bring the gym to you instead! It could get you a multi-weight bench where you can continue watching your favourite TV show and not even feel guilty about it!

David could be basking in some Barcelona sun!

Trustpilot Customer Review Saving £120

Image Of Barcelona Beach At Sunrise


Sunning yourself on the beautiful beaches of Barcelona or paying out £120 on repair charges? We know what we’d rather do! You could join David (potentially) and reward yourself for your fixing triumph, and there’s no better way than this!

£75 could bag you some seriously stylish shoes!

Trustpilot Customer Review Saving £75

Mens Black Shoes And Womens Red Shoe Together


Not just your average shoe, those shoes you save for special occasions, those shoes you think of when someone invites you to a special event, yes those shoes! Neil walked away happy (maybe in his stylish new shoes) and you could join him!

Patrick could be getting snappy with a Polaroid camera…

Trustpilot Customer Review Saving £60

Woman Taking A Selfie With Polaroid Camera


Call out charges are the worst when things break down. Instead, fix it yourself, save the money and capture your savings joy with your new camera and remember this moment forever!

So many customers have saved themselves hundreds of pounds by fixing their appliances themselves and you could too! In the words of Patrick, it’s ‘easy peasy!’

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