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How to find the right DIY video for you!

A whopping 70% of people who repair household appliances use YouTube as their main source for information! This just goes to show that you super savvy fixers out there know exactly what you’re doing when it comes to fixing!

This news is music to our ears as we have over 600 YouTube videos to help you diagnose, fix, maintain and clean your appliances yourself.  So in light of our new-found knowledge and to make sure you’re getting the very best out of our videos, we’ve put together a guide to finding the right one for you!

First things first, here are the 5 types of videos you’ll find on our channel…

Diagnostic videos

You’ll only be able to fix a broken appliance if you know what the problem is. Fact. Our diagnostic videos show you how to identify common faults and get your appliance back to normal.

Here’s an example where Josh explains how to diagnose washing machine drain and pump problems:

Fix it Yourself videos

Working out the problem with your machine is only worthwhile if you know how to fix it too.  That’s where our fix it yourself videos come in. We’ve got all sorts of appliance repairs covered like fixes for your dishwasher and faulty vacuum cleaner.

One of our most popular videos though is how to replace a washing machine door seal. If you’ve noticed water leaking from the front of your washing machine, this could be one for you!

Product demonstrations

Considering buying a certain appliance, but put off by not knowing how to work it? Or maybe you’re not sure how it’ll perform? You want to be certain you’re getting a decent product before parting with your hard-earned brass! To help you decide we test and demonstrate appliances and appliance accessories for you so you can make an informed decision.

Here’s one demonstration: Mat using a Kärcher Drain Cleaning Kit.

Appliance maintenance

On the topic of getting your money’s worth, we also want you to be able to keep your appliances running well for years and years. That’s where our videos explaining how to maintain appliances come in.

Here’s how to stop your Dyson vacuum cleaner from losing suction for example.

Appliance cleaning

The final type of video you’ll find on our channel is cleaning advice. That’s right; we get our hands dirty showing you the most efficient ways (and some tips and tricks) for cleaning your appliances.

Watch Matt getting stuck in with a demonstration on how to thoroughly clean an oven without hours of scrubbing.  The things we do to help you.

Now you know what you’re looking for, here’s our step by step guide on how to find it!

Step 1:

Head over to and visit our Advice Centre.

Screen Shot Of Espares Website

Step 2:

When you’re there, enter the fault you have with your appliance or to search for all possible issues, select the appliance which has developed a fault.

Screen Shot Of Advice Centre

Step 3:

Appliance fault search:

Causes Screen on Espares Advice Centre

Let’s say your washing machine is giving off some fumes you don’t feel are quite right! Simply type in ‘smelly washing machine’ and you’ll see one or more potential causes. The first may be to try a simple clean and if that doesn’t work, the others lead on to parts that need replacing or other solutions.

Appliance search:

List Of Fix Options On Espares Advice Centre

If you’re not too sure what the problem is or there’s a few, you can simply select the appliance and choose from a list of potential issues. If you select ‘washing machine’ you will see a list of problems and our most popular fix it articles and videos. If it’s a common problem with others, chances are it’s most likely that!

Step 4:

Select the fault that seems most likely, and our how-to video will appear along with links to any spare parts or tools you need to complete your fix.

Screen Shot Of Washing Machine Fix

Step 5:

Get fixing and prepare to become a hero of your home!

Man In Cape Holding Work Tools

If you need any further help, our engineers on hand to answer any of your queries! Contact us via our YouTube Channel, pass your query over to us on our Facebook or Twitter pages or contact one of the team directly.

We’re hoping after this article the stats will rise to 100%! Here’s to hoping!

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