A look back on 16 years of eSpares!

As October draws to a close, our month of Sweet 16 birthday celebrations sadly comes to an end. From competitions to quizzes and ever so slightly cringey pictures, we have certainly taken a trip down memory lane to our angsty teenage years.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has shared our 16th with us and wished us a Happy Birthday, as seen below.

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We have thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing with you all, and having you share your thoughts and experiences in return. In fact, we loved it so much, we have decided to create this blog post, looking back at the best parts of the past 16 years! We hope you enjoy this little blast from the past.

Back to 2003…

2003 was a great year for creations if we do say so ourselves!

Top 10 Things Created


Top 5 News Stories

Top 10 Songs


Top 5 Films

Our Awards

Hard work pays off! We are so proud to have so many awards and nominations and we love nothing more than a celebration…


Our Website

This is how our much-loved eSpares website has evolved over the years. From cool blue to jazzy yellow and a whole lot more products!


Our Charity Events

We like to give back to our community and support the causes closest to our people. For the past 16 years we put ourselves to the test and held events to raise money for causes such as John Taylor Hospice, Cash for Kids, CALM, Mind, Sifa Fireside homelessness shelter, Red Nose Day, Children in Need and many more! Here are just a few of our highlights:


Our Company Events

Any excuse to dress up and we are there! Christmas, Halloween or a casual Friday, you name it, we’ll bring the outfits.


Our Team

Sweet 16’s

To get into the spirit of our 16th birthday (and to laugh at our colleagues) we asked them to send us a photo of themselves at 16! Here are some previously unseen pictures of the team as kids!

The future of eSpares

We’re an optimistic bunch so we decided to ask the team what they saw when they look into the crystal ball of eSpares future!

What is your favourite thing about working for us?

Reading customer comments and the sense of pride, elation and happiness they’ve felt upon being able to bring their appliance back to life, all while saving good chunks of money– we’ve helped them do that and it’s wicked!

Ad Casey, Head of Brand and Creative.


Belonging to a brand that makes a positive environmental and social impact, while being able to work alongside my genuinely amazing work mates who make me feel 100% comfortable to be myself.

El Paice, Content and PR Manager.


The fun charity events we carry out to support worthwhile causes, alongside the constant opportunity to learn and the interesting work we carry out.

Parminder Ubhi, Online Marketing Assistant


How do you think eSpares will have changed in the next 5 years?

Here are a few of the sensible responses our staff gave:

  • An eSpares App
  • Distributing to several more European countries
  • Another refresh of the website
  • Team expansion

And here are a few of the not so sensible responses:

  • “I think I will have completed my mission to take over the company and turn it into a fashion business where we repair and recycle clothing instead!” Kirsty, Copywriter.
  • “Worst case scenario the zombie apocalypse will have hit and we’ll be using oven elements and dishwasher pumps as weapons to hold back the undead hordes” El, Content and PR Manager.


Thank you for joining us on this journey back to our youth. Although our birthday may be over, we know you don’t really need an excuse to relive your younger years. So why not have your own blast from the past, and look back on these 16 things you can do when you turn 16: an unofficial and unrecommended guide? Let us know how many of them you ticked off!

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