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Can you Bake like Berry?

The Great British Bake Off has graced our TV screens for several weeks now, with us spending every Tuesday evening joyously critiquing the efforts of other peoples baking.

By now we are all very much aware of who we love and hate. What we especially hate is the fact that Mary Berry is noticeably absent from the judging line up, leaving us nostalgic for her soggy bottomed charm.

As a homage to our no longer reigning queen of baking, we have composed a quiz to test your knowledge. Find out if you can ‘Bake like Berry’ in this totally 100% accurate and scientific quiz. Do you have what it takes?

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Now that you’ve discovered what you may or may not know about baking, why not try out our ‘Bake off or Fake off’ quiz to see how much you know about the past seasons of GBBO? Are you a super fan or more of a soggy bottom? Click here to find out!

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