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13 genius fixes to first world problems!

Some call them minor inconveniences but to many of us, they can be the most annoying thing in the world!

Knowing a problem is small, doesn’t make it any less annoying! So, we’ve found 13 genius fixes to some of the most annoying first world problems. You’re welcome!

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Problem: My clothes are creased but I don’t want to iron

Solution: Slightly dampen the creased fabric, put your hair dryer on a low setting and hold it around 1-2 inches away from your items. The creases will disappear!

Problem: Pushing my lawnmower is too much work

Solution: Put it on a leash! Place a stake in the middle of your garden and tie it to your mower with string. As the mower goes round in circles the rope will tie around the stake! Then all you have to do is mow the missed bits, sorted!

Problem: Power naps make me more tired

Solution: Limit your naps to just 10 minutes! We know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but 10 minutes is just enough time for your brain to recharge without making you feel groggy.

Problem: I can’t get the last bits out my spray bottle

Solution: Turn it upside down! Spray bottles are useless when it comes to getting the bottom bit out, but instead of buying a new one, turn it upside down, bend the plastic tube and spray them at that angle!

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Pile Of Cans In Fridge

Problem: I need cool drinks, fast!

Solution: Get ice cold drinks in just 5 minutes by wrapping them in a damp paper towel and sticking them in the freezer for a few minutes! Don’t forget about them though, or you’ll return to just ice!

Problem: My fruit goes off too quickly

Solution: Divide and conquer! Fruits such as bananas, apples, and avocadoes emit a gas called ethylene that causes other nearby fruits to ripen faster. Slow down this process by storing them separately and they will last longer!

Problem: I’ve got that same song stuck in my head

Solution: Distract your brain with something else! Anagrams are a great way to do this and that super annoying song will be gone in a flash!

Problem: Autocorrect keeps changing my words on my iPhone

Solution: There’s nothing more frustrating than sending a text to then realise autocorrect has changed it so it no longer makes sense, but there’s a fast solution! Head to your phone settings, select General then Keyboard and adjust your Text Replacement settings. You’re welcome!

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Open Fridge Full Of Food

Problem: I’m tired of hearing ‘unexpected item in bagging area’

Solution: Although we can’t help you with the frustration, we can limit the damage! On the bottom of the screen, there is a small mute button, so when the machine complains, you no longer have to hear that annoying voice, just the red light and wait for someone to help you. Ah, peace!

Problem: Whenever I get to the supermarket, I forget what I needed

Solution: Take a photo of the inside of your fridge before you leave. That way, you’ll know what you need and what you’re running out of.

Problem: The cold butter won’t spread on my toast

Solution: Grate it!

Problem: Whenever I get into bed the remote is on the other side of the room

Solution: Tuck remote controls in the straps of your mattress, that way you’ll never lose them and they will always be close by!

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Burger Packed With Fillings


Problem: The fillings keep falling out my burger

Solution: Hold it upside down. That way the larger bun will support the fillings better and you can enjoy it without worrying about staining your new shirt. Result!

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