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Fixing First and Saving the World!

Our #FixFirst campaign has been a huge success! We couldn’t be prouder of our community who have helped us to spread the word, shared their amazing success stories and joined the fight against scrapping repairable appliances.

#FixFirst was launched to encourage as many people as possible to change their attitude when it comes to broken appliances. Scraping your appliance and buying a new one may seem like the easier option, but in fact, fixing first not only saves you money but saves the planet too!

Why it is so important?

In order to spread the word, we had to find out exactly what we were dealing with first! Here are just a few of the devasting facts that we discovered.

Pile of Electrical Waste

The UK throws away over 1 million tonnes of e-waste every year

Animation Of Spanner And Hammer Crossed

A shocking 75% of us don’t attempt to fix our broken appliances

Barrel With Toxic Symbol

70% of toxic waste we produce in the UK comes from electrical waste


What are we doing about it? has everything you need to complete your fix! From expert advice to easy to follow how-to videos and spare parts, we are with you every step of your fixing journey! Matt, our engineer, and star of our YouTube channel tells us how we can all help save the planet by fixing our appliances ourselves.


Feeling ambitious? Here’s how to get started!

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Visit our Advice Centre

The eSpares Advice Centre helps you diagnose your appliance faults so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Simply select your appliance or describe the fault in your machine and we’ll tell you what you need to do and the tools you need to do it!

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Watch our how-to’s

Next up, our how-to videos! We have over 500 of them so you’re guaranteed to find the right one for you. After you’ve discovered what’s wrong with your appliance, we’ll direct you to a step by step visual guide. Our engineers are also on hand to offer their expert advice.

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Spread the word!

When you’ve completed your fix (and finished celebrating your triumph) help us spread the word! When you hear of a friend with a broken appliance, encourage them to fix and offer your new-found expertise. You’ll be helping out a friend and the environment too.


How you’ve helped

You shared your stories

How hard can it be?

BOOM! The element in my oven gave up. New one from eSpares was £13 to the door. I’m a former car mechanic, so my thinking was “How hard can it be?”. Not hard at all was the answer, thanks to eSpares guidance.

Andrew Hill 

£160 saved! 

My dishwasher would not empty water. The repairman wanted £175!!! I could buy a new one for that. I decided to disconnect the mains and start again. I just purchased a new hose. It worked. 😎 #£14.99

Julia Omari 

Feel clever! 

It’s quite easy and very satisfying to fix stuff yourself and eSpares videos show you how. Take a look, you could save yourself hundreds of pounds and feel pretty clever!

Lynda Williams 


You shared your advice

No excuse not to DIY!

If your tools aren’t doing the job, look around your kitchen. Many a time have I used a teaspoon to help me out… the handle is great for prising off paint lids and I used two to ease a retainer wire on my washing machine door seal when all else failed. I’ve also used a fondue fork for some DIY job, though I can remember what. 😁

Ele Holloway

Always be prepared

Avoid getting rid of things like grill pans and oven shelves though, they always come in handy and especially don’t get rid of the thick wire at the back of the oven, when you get a new one, they don’t always come with! 🙂

Gary Riddle


You saved 1 million appliances!

Thanks to you and your savvy fixing attitude, over 1 million appliances were saved from going to landfill in 2018 alone! It’s great to hear your fixing stories and see some of our lovely customers in person. Keep them coming! Here are some of our favourites…


Fixing appliances is a crucial way that we can all help to combat e-waste and save our precious planet. So, next time your appliance breaks down, think about the planet (and your pocket) and attempt to fix it yourself! If you’re already one of our savvy fixers, help us spread the word and encourage others to think #FixFirst and preserve our beautiful world!

Share your stories on our Facebook page or visit our advice centre for expert help and guidance.

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