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What fixing your appliance really says about you

You’re not just an appliance fixer, you’re a real-life hero!

Fixing an appliance may seem like something small to you, but in fact, it’s so much more than that! Our community of fixers use their fix first attitude in so much more than just repairing, they just don’t know it yet!

Here are some ways you’re using your fix first mentality in everyday life, without even realising!

You don’t take no for an answer!

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Just like when your appliance broke down and you were determined to save it, you know you can do and nothing is going to stop you! When things seem impossible, you look on the brighter side of life and always find a solution.

You recognise value

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Whether it’s the value of money, sentimentality or friendship, you savvy fixers are precious about your things and are set on saving them. If looked after properly, appliances can last for many years! Just like that family heirloom you have stored away and get cleaned religiously, ready to pass down to the next generation!

The environment matters to you

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If the sight of a plastic bag in a shop or a plastic straw in a bar sends shivers down your spine, you’re definitely one of us! Whether you’re part of an environmental group or you’re dedicated to your weekly recycling, you really care about the world we live in! Fixing appliances helps save thousands of e-waste from going to landfill every year so if that matters to you, you sure as hell won’t be throwing that plastic bottle in the bin!

You’re willing to help others

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Helping to save the planet means you care what impact you have on others. So when there’s a friend, colleague or even a stranger in need, you’re the first one on the scene. If there’s something that can be done to help, you’ll do it and nothing will get in your way!

You can take on anything!

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Your first fix took bravery! Seeing the parts of your washing machine all over the floor without having a break down – that’s determination and optimism at its best! With this frame of mind, you can take on that promotion at work, stay calm in the rush hour traffic or defeat that fear of heights! Appliance fixers, we believe in you!

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