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28 things you Must Do before the end of summer!

It’s not over yet!

August is a great time of year, but it also means that summer is slowly drawing to an end. But, before you hang up your swimwear and pull out your woolly jumpers, there are still some things you can squeeze in to enjoy the last bit of summer!

Whatever the weather, it’s still summer in our eyes! So go outdoors, embrace the rainy days and eat endless amounts of ice cream, just because you can! Here are 28 things we all must do before we wave goodbye to our favourite season!

Child Dancing In Rain With Umbrella

Dance in the rain

Because in the warm weather, you won’t catch a cold!


You name it, it’s going on the barby!

Drive with the windows down no matter the weather!

And feel the wind in your hair

Flag down the ice cream truck

And try every flavour!

Play the cloud game

You know the one!

Watch a street performer

And dance like no one is watching

Wear your sunglasses all the time!

Sunglasses hair, don’t care!

Have a garage sale

Out with the old, in with the new!

Neon Coloured Clothing In Pile

Wear the brightest outfit in your wardrobe

The perfect excuse!

Eat every meal outdoors

Because it’s not summer without alfresco dining

Go camping

And prepare for any weather!

Take a hike!

And take in all the nature

Man Hiking Uphill At Sunset

Exercise outdoors

Because it’s so much better than the gym!

Go on a road trip

But don’t take a map!

Get your gardening on

Green fingers it’s your season

Man Planting Flowers In Garden

Watch the sunset

As many times as you can!

Party outdoors

Attend an outdoor concert, book a last-minute festival or just dance in the streets!

Go flower picking

And create your perfect bunch

Young Girl Picking Flowers

Take up a new hobby

Sky diving, water skiing, dancing – whatever you’ve been putting off

Go to an outdoor film festival

Grab your bean bag and go!

Hit the beach

Just you, yourself and your suncream!

Woman Lying On Beach In Summer

Trade brunch for ice cream dates

Catch up over your favourite flavours

Go on a bike ride

To feel the freedom

Complete your summer reading list

And read them outdoors (there’s a theme here!)

Woman Reading Book In The Park

Visit your local farmers market

To experience the best fruit and veg you’ve ever tasted!

Be a tourist for the day

Visit your own city with fresh eyes

Make lemonade

When life gives you lemons…

Make a summer scrapbook!

To remember the best summer ever!

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