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eSpares customers that are saving the world!

Saving just one small appliance may seem like nothing at the time, but in 2018 our customers saved over 1000 tonnes from going to landfill just by thinking fix first!

This was from our customers fixing over 1 million appliances in just 1 year! One small step for fixers, one big step closer to protecting our planet!

Here is how they did it…

Patrick has got two more years out of his tumble dryer!

Meet Patrick, he doesn’t sit around complaining about his broken tumble dryer, Patrick gets onto eSpares and replaced his broken element like a true hero! If you’re like Patrick and have found yourself with a damaged heating element in your dryer, here’s how to fix it yourself.


George saved his fridge and £200!

George has had his fridge for 15 years and he wasn’t about to let it go that easily! By replacing the door seal, he saved his fridge money and the environment all in one day!

George, we salute you!

If your fridge is giving you the same frosty reception, here’s how to replace the door seal!

Oven elements, shower replacements, dishwasher leaks, nothing will defeat Gordon!

Gordon is an inspiration to us all! In a repair that took just 10 minutes, Gordon saved his oven and protected his pocket! He’s also a super savvy fixer around the house which is exactly what we like to hear!

Brag away, Gordon because you deserve a medal!

Follow in Gordon’s footsteps and relight the fire in your oven!

Jonathan says give it a try!

Instead of sending his cooker to landfill, Jonathan channeled his inner-hero and fixed it himself and encourages you to do the same!

Take Jonathan’s advice and fix your cooker now!

Debbie rescued her summer!

Summer isn’t summer without a BBQ, and Debbie wasn’t about to let hers go without a fight! When her handle broke, she channeled her creative nature and made herself a brand new one, saving money and her summer!

Take a leaf out of Debbie’s book and keep your BBQ in top shape ready for summer!

John felt super after his repair

John is super savvy with his money-saving! For just £14, John got 2 more years out of his dishwasher and always buys second-hand appliances!

If your dishwasher is losing its grip, be like John and replace the lock and save yourself heaps of cash!

Alison and her dogs are grateful for the vacuum repair!

Things got a bit hairy for Alison when her Dyson vacuum broke, but that didn’t stop her from mastering her repair and keeping her house clean and dog hair free!

It would be barking mad to buy a new vacuum just because of a fault! Here’s how you can fix it and be a hero like Alison!

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