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5 Amazingly Cheap Appliance Repairs Guaranteed to Surprise You

For the price of a bottle of wine, you could fix your vacuum cleaner! Who knew?

You’ve heard us banging on about how cheaply you can fix your broken appliances but here lies the solid proof! It’s really not that costly (or difficult)! In fact, those little things you spend your money on every day without really thinking about it can cost the same amount as your entire appliance repair.

Don’t believe us? May we present…

Two Black Vacuum Belts On White Background

Price: £3.99


For less than the price of a bottle of wine, you could fix your vacuum cleaner!

Bottle Of Echo Falls Rose Wine

Price: £4.25

vacuum drive belt can cost as little as £3.99, which is less than your Friday bottle of wine!

Yes, a nice cool glass of rose may sound more exciting, but you’re sure to get that same warm fuzzy feeling knowing that your vacuum is working again and you’re the one who saved it! Plus, now that you don’t need to buy a brand new machine you can fill up your whole wine rack with the money you saved. Result!


Fridge Door Seal On White BAckground

Price: £13.99


For less than the price of a Nandos, you could fix your fridge!

Plate Of Peri Chicken And Chips

Price: £14.45

(10 chicken wings with 2 sides)

A typical meal at everyone’s favourite peri-peri restaurant would potentially set you back more than the cost of the replacement door seal you’d need to fix your faulty fridge! Then, with the money you’ve saved, you can treat the whole family to a delicious meal out to celebrate.

Grey Dishwasher Spray Arm

Price: £5.99


For the price of your Netflix subscription, you could fix your dishwasher!

Netflix Logo On Ipad

Price: £5.99

You probably don’t even notice the Netflix payment leaving your account every month, but for the same cost, you could get yourself a new spray arm for your dishwasher. You may not get as much entertainment from your dishwasher, but it’s sure to free up time for you to binge on that new series you’ve been waiting for!


Coffee Machine Filter

Price: £2.50


For the price of your morning coffee, you could fix your coffee machine!

Starbucks Coffee Cup

Price: £2.75

One for the coffee addicts out there! If you find yourself making a daily trek to Starbucks because your coffee machine at home is letting you down, you can fix it for less than your standard Americano! Change the filter, bring your coffee back to life and save money on a daily basis!

Espares Washing Machine Cleaner And Descaler

Price: £1.17


For the price of a bag of apples, you could protect your washing machine!

Bag Of Red Apples

Price: £2.00

As well as keeping your body healthy, keep your appliances healthy for even less money! Your average supermarket pack of apples will cost you around £2, whereas keeping your washing machine clean and fault-free will cost as little as £1.17 per clean with a cleaner and descaler.

Surprised at just how cheap appliance repairs can be? Next time a fault develops look into saving your machine and we’re willing to bet it’ll cost you much less than buying a new appliance would.

Not sure what the problem is? Our step by step guide to finding the right repair video for you is a good place to start!

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