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Saving the world- one appliance at a time!

eSpares customers are domestic heroes! Saving the world one appliance at a time, our community has saved over 1 million appliances in 2018 alone! That means more than 1000 tonnes has been saved from going to landfill, helping to protect our planet from further harm. If that’s not a hero, we don’t know what is!

From the confident DIYers to the first-time fixers, our customers realise the importance of thinking fix first and that the fixing mantra is not just a thing of the past.

Customer Comment From Facebook

Customer Comment From Facebook

Why is repairing so important?

Ultimately, choosing to fix your appliance yourself instead of replacing it or hiring a professional will save you heaps of cash and a whole lot of time! But, what you’re also saving is the world! Yes, that’s right! By not purchasing new goods and saving your old ones, you’re helping to prevent the heaps of electrical waste being sent to landfill every year.

According to research by, e-waste in the UK will increase to a shocking 52.2 million metric tonnes by 2021. Large household appliances, such as washing machines and fridge freezers, accounted for most of the e-waste generated by households in 2017 with 183,704.345 tonnes being recovered.

So what are we doing about it?

Our mission is to give everyone the confidence to think fix first! Day in and day out, our team is challenged with frozen freezers, damaged dryers, and cracked cookers, and do their very best to give our customers the parts, tools and confidence to fix it themselves and save these machines from adding to the piles of unwanted goods.

In 2018, we…

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took 137,198 calls

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answered 144,591 emails

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replied to 2717 social queries

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Our YouTube Channel, which contains over 500 how-to videos has received over 60 million views! Loved by thousands of our customers, these videos provide an easy-to-follow visual guide to help you diagnose and fix your appliances yourself. Our team of experienced engineers are also on hand to answer any queries and provide technical know-how on our YouTube channel.

The thousands of customers we respond to every year just goes to show that the passion and demand to save appliances and the environment is well and truly alive! People just need the right tools and assistance to do it!

Just imagine how many more appliances could be saved if more people thought to fix first! So join us, spread the word and share your skills because together, we can save the world!

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