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19 Firsts You’ll Never Forget!

It’s the first day of summer so we’re reminiscing on all those first times we’ll never forget! (even if we really want to!)

There’s a first time for everything! And even if you don’t realise it at the time, it will be a moment you will remember for the rest of your life! So, as we encourage you to think Fix First, we’re looking back on all the other firsts in our lives that are just as important!

Here are 19 life moments we’re sure will bring back that warm fuzzy feeling! (or the sense of dread!)

First fix

Whether it was your car, your washing machine or your sister’s doll that you broke, it’s all the same triumph!

Woman Hammering Wall

First kiss

(Even though you might want to forget!)

Mr Bean Kiss Scene

First love

Because as cringe-worthy as it was, it was a big moment!

Man Making Heart Shape With Hands

First car

It was a banger but it got you from A to B and you adored it!

Fred Flintstone Car

First trip abroad without your parents

It was messy, it was scary but you made it through (tattoos and all!)

Clip From Inbetweeners Film Dancing In BAr

First pet

Your best furry friend who slept in your bed and went everywhere with you. (Yes, a Tamagotchi counts)

Man Dancing With Dog

First job

The nerves, the sweaty palms but it was so worth it!

Friends Scene where Rachael Gets Job

First salary

The first job comes with a first salary and even though it only lasted for a week, it was the best week of your life!

Men Throwing Stashes Of Cash Notes

First home

Shoddy décor and bean bags for chairs but it was yours!

Cartoon Man Lying On Sofa Eating Crisps

First cooked meal that actually went well

The burning, the food poisoning was definitely worth it for this!

Homer Simpson Cooking

First day of school

Backpack and packed lunch at the ready, you smashed it!

Kids Arthur Cartoon At School

First child

Unconditional love.

Mom Holding Baby In Air

First exam

And when you realised you didn’t do as badly as you thought!

Child Reading Book Very Fast

First alcoholic drink

We’re not too sure you’ll remember this one!

Man Sips Drink And Spits It out

First gym session

And the pain that lasted for a week.

Man Falling Off Treadmill

First mobile phone

The freedom, the text talk, the snake games!

Man On Large Mobile Phone

First flat-pack success

It doesn’t matter if it took 12 hours, you defeated that kitchen table like a boss!

Cartoon Man Hammering Table And Crying

First time you stood up for something and won

Bullies, work or the march you took part in, you owned it!

Man Throwing Confetti At Himself

First hair cut

Or first time you cut your own hair (not a good look!)

Girl Cutting Her Own Fringe

Tell us some of your favourite (or frightful) firsts in the comments below!

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