6 superpowers you didn’t know you had!

When we hear the word superhero, we resort to our 5-year-old selves and picture a superior figure with their underpants over their trousers, cape in tow and some fancy power such as flying, x-ray vision or superhuman strength!

Well, cape or no cape, underpants or no underpants (not literally), you, my friend, are in fact, a fully-fledged superhero in your own right! Why you ask? Because without even knowing it you’re saving the day, every day. Here are 6 superpowers you didn’t even know you had which make you a pretty awesome hero! (You can still wear a cape if you want to though)

Awesome power

Businessman Looking At Superhero Shadow

You’ve mastered a skill that no one else can do and that is your power. It may not be mind-reading or turning invisible but if you’re helping people then it sure counts. Maybe you’re the only one who knows how to get those stubborn stains out of the carpet, you’re the person who always knows what to say in a crisis or you just make the best cup of tea! The skill that people will remember and your willingness to share this with others is your very own superpower!


Admirable strength

Woman meditating At Sunrise

You don’t need big muscles to have strength! Your strength of character, ability to stick by your values and commitments no matter how hard is your admirable strength. Without even knowing it, you’re inspiring others around you to do the same and setting a great example. If that doesn’t count as a superpower we’re not sure what does!


Super speed

Woman Preparing To Start A Run

And we don’t mean at the speed of Flash! Your power is that you’re always ready for what life throws at you and prepared to act fast. You don’t sit around and wonder why, you take challenges as they come and deal with it as best you can. Your solid foundation of family and friends is your Thor’s hammer and with that, you can conquer the world!


Fighting crime

Woman Shouting Through Megaphone

So you might not patrol the streets at night and save innocent civilians who are being targeted by evil enemies (and we’re not suggesting you do!) What you have done is stand up for someone being bullied or stood up for what you believe in even if it didn’t make you the most popular. Because you don’t take things lying down and fight for what’s right, like a true superhero!


Helping those less fortunate

Silhouette Helping Hand Between Two Climbers

Superheroes are always saving animals or protecting those that can’t protect themselves and little did you know, you are too! Maybe you completed a sponsored charity run last year, got involved in a cake sale at work or just offered to lend a hand to those in need, you are carrying out the lawful duty of a superhero.


The ability to save the day

Father And Son In Superhero Capes Holding Hands

Believe it or not, you probably save someone’s day, every day! How? Well, remember that stressed co-worker you made a cup of coffee for this morning, that great advice you gave to a friend to get them out of a sticky situation or the dinner you just made for your partner who worked the late shift? To them, you are a hero.

I rest my cape!

This week we’re celebrating our everyday heroes for Free Radio’s Cash for Kids Superhero Day and raising money for some truly worthy causes. Stay tuned to see what we’re up to!

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