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18 Things You Should Fix Right Now!

You know that feeling of pure euphoria when (even after all the swearing) you’ve assembled a piece of flat-pack furniture you never thought you’d be able to? Well, we’ve got 18 more quick fixes for your home that’ll give you the same satisfying sense of achievement.

Let’s get started!

Wooden Door Slightly Ajar

Creaky door

The annoying noise your door makes goes through you every day but you try so hard to ignore it! Well, all you need to do is spray some trusty WD40 or rub some petroleum jelly onto the hinges and voila, no more annoying squeaks!

Unopened emails

If you’re missing important emails it’s time for an inbox purge! Clear out the spam by unsubscribing from emails you’re not interested in any more or didn’t even sign up for in the first place. Trust us, it feels good!

Email Columns With Full Spam Folder

Close Up On Dripping Tap

Dripping tap

There’s nothing more annoying than a constant dripping tap, especially as the wasted water will cost you more on your bill. Replace the washer or O-ring (the rubber ring around the tap) and your drip should clear up in no time!


Been thinking about applying for a new job but put off by the CV updating trauma. Get it done now! There’s plenty of help out there such as templates and information to get you started. Your dream job could be just around the corner!

Close Up On Printed CV

Hand Fixing Furniture Hinges With Screw Driver

Wonky cupboard door

If your cupboard door doesn’t quite fit and it’s making your kitchen look untidy, don’t worry, it’s an easy fix! The screws may have come loose or moved slightly, so get out that tool kit and get it sorted.

The clock on your car

Admit it, the clock on your car hasn’t been changed since the clocks went forward, right? Before you do anything else, set the clock! You’ll feel a whole lot better not having to work out the time on your morning rush to work.

Woman Driving Car Looking At Watch

Woman Holding Nose By Fridge

Smelly fridge

Getting that unpleasant whiff every time you open your fridge? Take the plunge, clean it out and invest in a fridge deodoriser. You’ll no longer be scared to open the fridge and it will stay fresh for up to 3 months!

Your gym membership

If you’re still paying for that gym membership but haven’t attended since 2013, get it cancelled! Not everyone is a gym person and that’s absolutely fine! You can get your exercise fix in other ways such as your favourite sport, power walking with a friend or a weekly outdoor class.

Woman Running Outside

Light Shining On Stains On Concrete Wall

The Blu Tack mark in your wall

The party was a hit and the marks on the wall are there to prove it! Even if you’ve successfully removed the Blu Tack without taking away any wallpaper (go you!) there are still those annoying grease marks you just can’t seem to get rid of. Try mixing vinegar with water and gently dab the marks with a cloth until they start to fade away.

The hole in your favourite jeans

And you NEED them for the weekend, right? Get out the needle and thread and feel fabulous once again!

Hole Appearing In Grey Jeans

Man Working Out Finances On Calculator

Your finances

We know it’s easier said than done, but if your finances are stressing you out there are some little things you can do to make you feel better. Try paying off your small debts first to minimise the amount you owe, start building an emergency fund for life’s unexpected moments or even shop around for the best bank to switch to. The little things will make you feel more in control of your finances.

Clogged gutters

A job that no one wants to do but makes you feel so much better when it’s done! Clearing them will not only make you feel better but prevent water damage to your home and protect your roof.

Man Cleaning Dirty Gutter

Cracks In Concrete Driveway

Cracks in your driveway

Fix your cracks before they get worse! Driveway cracks up to 3/4 inches wide can be repaired using filler to stop them from getting any bigger or causing damage to your car wheels.

Your to-do list

Losing track of everything you need to get done? Don’t worry, there’s an easy fix! Sit down and think about what you need to do and list the jobs in order of urgency. Get the most important things done first and set deadlines for the rest. You’ll feel much more in control!

To Do List With Items Ticked Off

Fruit Bowl With Measuring Tape

Your diet

Get rid of all those fad diets that haven’t worked and focus on a healthy, balanced routine. Cut out the bad stuff and try to get your 5-a-day. Your mind and body will definitely thank you for it!

Noisy washing machine

Remove the earplugs and be rid of the noise! If your washing machine is spinning loudly or sounds like it’s dancing around the room, it could just be out of balance. Try washing loads with a mix of both heavier and lighter items. This will even up the load and the noise should disappear. Phew!

View From Inside Washing Machine

Road Signs With Social Media Direction

Your social media addiction

Social media has its perks. You can keep in touch with far-away friends and share good times and memories with loved ones. But, the constant stream of holiday, lifestyle and gym photos can make you feel under pressure. Try spending less time scrolling and more time outdoors with your phone off. You’ll feel the stress start to fade away!

Your routine

Mix up your routine! If you’re tired of the same old 9 to 5, try something different. (We don’t mean skip work!) Take up a class with a friend, go for a run in the morning and create a hobby you look forward to. You’ll feel more energised in no time!

Man Turning Off Alarm In Morning

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