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31 Ways Spring Will Screw You Over

To coat or not to coat?

When you have to wear 10 layers of clothing in the morning only to shed down to one t-shirt in the afternoon, when you’re packing your bag with both your umbrella and your sunnys, you’re not going crazy. You’ve just reached the wonderful season of spring!

Sure, spring is the celebration of new life and the lead up to summer but it sure does come with its downfalls (literally!) Here are 31 things you should prepare to be annoyed about this spring!

  1. The sun finally shines through your window and you realise how much they need a clean!
    Man Closing Curtains

  2. Everyone is talking about cleaning.

  3. You wonder whether to take a coat but regret it when you do.

  4. You don’t take a coat and freeze to death!Man Taking Coat On And Off

  5. Its BBQ time right? Not until you’ve cleaned the BBQ from last year’s mess. Eugh!

  6. Your garden looks like something out of Jungle Book.Jungle Book's Mowgli In Jungle

  7. You realise your lawn mower hasn’t been cleaned since last summer.

  8. When you finally convince yourself to mow the lawn, here comes the rain!
    Man With Heavy Rain Pouring On Head

  9. You can no longer fit into your spring wardrobe.Breaking Bad Scene Tight

  10. But the weather is too nice to sweat it out in the gym.

  11. And who wants to run outside?

  12. It’s the hottest day of the year so far and you’re at work.Man Looking At The Sun From Window

  13. The weekend finally arrives. It’s raining.

  14. Finally, a day comes that you can get to the beer garden only to find that everyone in the UK had the same idea.
    Large Crowd Of People

  15. So you sit inside away from the window thinking it may as well be winter.

  16. You decide to sit in the park instead. There’s an adult on every bench and a child on every swing.

  17. You give up and decide your own garden is the best bet only to find the sun has gone in.

  18. There is chocolate EVERYWHERE. (Revert to point 9.)Woman Laughing And Then Screaming

  19. You lose a whole hour of sleep!Man Looking Sad With Words It's Not Fair

  20. Then have to hear everyone talking about how much that hour has affected them.

  21. You ditch the tumble dryer and hang your washing outside. It rains.

  22. It finally stops raining so you put it out and your neighbour has a BBQ.

  23. You open the windows for some fresh air, then have to spend the next couple of hours pretending you’re not freezing.
    Boy Wrapped Up In Coat And Scarf

  24. The shops are full of swimming costumes. (Revert to point 9.)

  25. Goodbye winter colds, hello hayfever.
    Sneezing Dwarf Sneezing

  26. You can finally wear bright colours, but your wardrobe matches Morticia Addams’.

  27. It doesn’t feel warm enough to wear sun cream, but you still wake up the next day looking like a beetroot.Family Guy Stewie With Sun Burn

  28. And now you have a t-shirt tan.

  29. Every conversation you enter is about the weather.

  30. The sound of the ice cream van becomes the theme tune of your evenings. (Revert to point 9.)
    Baby Laughs Then Frowns

  31. You finally accept that this is life until summer.3 Men Dancing In The Rain

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