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Are your plants trying to tell you something?

You know when you give out signs to the other half and expect them to understand what you mean, well your plants are trying to do the exact same thing!

Whether they are dropping, turning yellow or the leaves have turned from blossoming green to a dull shade of brown, they may (just like us) be crying out for a little TLC!

Here are some ways your plants are trying to tell you what they need and what you can do about it…

Brown and crunchy

Brown And Crunchy Leaves On Plant


Your plants is: Thirsty

Turn that brown upside down by giving it some water! Brown and crunchy leaves don’t mean your beloved plant is on its last legs, just that it’s not getting enough of the good stuff! Water until the soil is moist but not saturated and let the water run freely through the drainage hole. If the brown is just on the tips, you can trim the affected areas to allow the new green leaf to grow.

Skimpy and bare

Bare Wilted Herb Plant


Your plant is: Thirsty

If your plant is looking a bit on the bare side and you’re worried it’s loosing too many leaves, this can also be a sign of thirst! Plants that don’t get enough water find it hard to grow and struggle to produce leaves. Try a more regular watering routine, gradually to start with and see how it improves. If it needs more, it will soon let you know!

Yellow edges

Yellow Edges On Leaves


Your plant is: Overwatered

It is possible to have too much of a good thing and that could be why your plants are complaining! Yellow edges are usually a result of too much watering. Try to lessen the amount you water them but don’t deprive them completely. Like us, they will still need a regular H20 boost!

Misshapen or discoloured

Droopy And Misshappen Leaves


Your plant is: Overwatered

If it’s not looking as bright or as perky as it once did, this could be another sign of overwatering. Try watering less often and ensure your plant has adequate drainage as water could be building up at the bottom of the pot and causing your plant to look sad!

Unusually pale

Pale Bed Of Leaves


Your plant is: Hungry

When you skip a meal, you usually start to look pale and a bit washed out, well it’s the same for your plants! Pale plants are a cause of not getting enough fertiliser. Increase the amount gradually and see your flowers become vibrant and colourful once again!

Leaning to the side

Plant Leaves Learning To The Left


Your plant is: Craving sunlight

We all crave some sunshine and your plants aren’t an exception! If they are leaning towards the window or looking a bit lopsided they are bursting to get a bit of sun (and we can all relate to that!) Put them closer to a window or on the window sill if possible and see them bloom with energy!

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