Purple And White Small Kitchen

How to Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Huge!

A smaller space doesn’t mean it’s any less appealing! Sure, the lack of space can be irritating when preparing food or doing the laundry, but there are some savvy ways you can create more space in your kitchen and make it look larger than it actually is.

Here are some ways to help you love your small kitchen… because the best things come in small packages!

White Kitchen With Yellow Cupboards


Bright and simple

Lightly coloured walls make a room look larger and more inviting. For your kitchen, stick to white or cream walls as patterned or busy wallpaper may make it look too cluttered. If you wanted to spring a bit of personality into your home, choose one bright colour and use it to make cupboard doors or accessories stand out!

Open Kitchen Cabinet With Stacked Shelves


Maximise your storage

Storage space can be a nightmare in small kitchens and can mean they end up looking messy. So, it’s time to get inventive and start using every nook and cranny as a saving space solution! Narrow gaps or spaces between cupboards can be used to store smaller or less used items. The insides of cabinet doors can also be used to store utensils and cleaning supplies as hooks or shelves can be easily fitted.

Cookware Hanging On Kitchen Wall


Decorate with cookware

If you’re struggling to find a place to keep your cookware, use it as decorations instead! Decor gives a kitchen personality and style so using cookware, dishes or cookbooks will bring some art to your space and save a whole load of clutter!

Long Length Mirrors in Kitchen


Create an illusion

Mirrors are used to add feature to a room and create the illusion of more space. So why not take this advice for your kitchen too! Choose long length mirrors or reflective cabinets and your space will seem instantly larger.

Long Lighting Hanging From Ceiling In Kitchen


Lighting is everything

If you’re lucky enough to have a  big window in your kitchen, this will definitely help it feel brighter and larger. If not, no problem! There’s plenty of ways you can brighten up your kitchen and give the effect of natural lighting. Use under-cabinet lighting for a sneaky way of brightening up your kitchen or choose bold hanging light shades to draw attention to the ceiling and create an impression of more height.

If you’re looking for ways to brighten up your kitchen this spring, take a look at our tips on how to add colour to your kitchen!

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