Man Completing Sky Dive

How Fixing Your Appliance Could Take You Sky Diving!

Fixing your appliance can give you an instant high, making you feel heroic and like you could achieve anything…well guess what, you can!

The skills you use or gain from fixing your appliances not only make you a fix it hero but can be used to complete other daring tasks too! Here are a few ideas of what you can achieve with your new-found skill set…


Couple Holding Wine Glasses On Date

Fixing something yourself takes guts, the type of guts it takes to make the first move! If you’ve been thinking about asking that special someone out for dinner, you’ve just joined a new dating site and are nervous to take the plunge or if you’re thinking about changing your career or applying for that dream job, then channel your inner fixer! Because if you can fix an appliance, you’ll have the confidence to do anything!

Following instructions

Girl Reading Map With Rucksack

Take a hike! In a good way! You’ve followed the step-by-step fixing guide and received that sense of achievement when you’ve completed it. Just think where this could take you! Go on a hike, climb a mountain and do it with just a map in toe, you’ll get that same sense of achievement when you’ve reached the top or completed your mission and take in some beautiful scenery too.


Speech Bubble With World Hello In Different Language

Fixing requires concentration. There’s those fiddly screws and remembering what goes where, a skill that can take you places. Like your dream destination, for example! If you can master concentration, you can learn a brand new language then have the perfect excuse to plan your trip of a lifetime and show off your skills!


Man Completing Sky Dive

If you love the feeling of a completed fix, you’re probably a bit of an adrenaline junkie and there’s nothing wrong with that! Take it to the next level and complete a daring sky dive. We get it, jumping from 10,000 feet is slightly more daunting than replacing an oven element, but why stop there when you can go to greater highs (literally!)

Where will your fixes take you?

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