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How Fixing Your Appliance Could Get You a Date!

Fixing appliances saves you money, gives you confidence and lets you brag to your friends, but little did you know it could even get you a date!

Yes, that’s right! Your fix it stories are bound to impress so why not use them to your dating advantage! Here’s how you can use your triumph for more than just fixing your appliances…

Conversation starter

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Have the ultimate answer to the ‘tell me something interesting about you’ question. Ok, so it’s not climbing a mountain or travelling the world, but it does show confidence, resilience and proves you’re in it for the long run! All good traits for a potential partner, we believe!

Offer to lend your assistance

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Because ladies love a handyman and men love an independent woman! Cue the Beyoncé soundtrack! If they happen to tell you something has broke, this my friends is your time to shine. Show off your knowledge and back it up with your story (insert step one) and we promise we won’t tell you followed our how-to videos!

Hook them with a sob story

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Maybe don’t use the phrase ‘my washing machine broke so I didn’t wash my clothes for a week’ because that’s *spoiler alert* a major turn off! Tell them about how you had microwave meals for a week or hand-washed all your dishes until one day your inner fixer took over and you found a way to fix it yourself! They’ll be hooked, we promise.

Theme your chat up lines!

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You could try one of our appliance themed chat up lines! Yes, that’s a thing! And to make sure they are tried and tested we’ve set our copywriter on a mission to try them out. Stay tuned to see how it goes!

To give you a taster, here’s one of our favourites…

“Have you been in the freezer? Because you’re really cool!”

Bound to work, right? In the meantime, if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them!

Speaking of chat up lines, if you tell us your favourite (it doesn’t have to be appliance themed) you could win a Morphy Richards kettle and toaster combo! Head over to our Facebook page to find out more…Win Kettle And Toaster Banner

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