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Our eSpares Heroes Share Their Stories!

Our fabulous fixers have shared their DIY stories and it’s music to our ears!

Every day our customers are saving themselves hundreds of pounds by learning to fix their appliances and protecting our planet in the process! And for this, they are our heroes!

If you’ve ever doubted your fixing skills or thought it’s too complicated and should be left to the professionals, then read on my friends and prepare for your minds to be changed!

Instead of spending money on a new Henry Hoover when hers broke down, Natalie used eSpares to fix it herself! Here she tells you how easy it is to find the parts and the confidence to fix it yourself…

She was so impressed she even made us a theme tune! Go Natalie!


Here is another fix it hero who saved hundreds of pounds by fixing his own dishwasher! Here’s why he thinks everyone should have a go at fixing it themselves…


Another vacuum success! This customer was extremely pleased to have her Dyson back up and running again, thanks to her fix it success! 

If you have a fix it story, we’d love it hear it! Share your videos or stories in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Or, if your watching and think you could have a go at fixing your broken appliance, head over to our advice centre and start your fix it journey now!

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