Georgia and Nicole Holding Customer Comments

A Compliment a Day Keeps the Blues Away!

You may not know it, but we really do appreciate every single one of our lovely comments from our customers!

From reading about helping people fix their appliances and giving them confidence they didn’t think they had, to making them feel listened to and helping with problems, we read them, enjoy them and do our very best to keep them coming!

We’ve spoken to some of the team to find out how your compliments made them feel…

Meet Luke, our Support Centre Advisor. Luke is the voice at the end of the phone and your emails! When you contact us with questions and queries, Luke and his team do their very best to help!

Luke Holding Up Customer Comments

In November last year, Luke was made famous on a local radio station in Plymouth! Presenter Phil Seeva at Liskeard radio, came to eSpares when his dog ate his milk frother lid. The next day, Luke received a shout-out on the radio station where Phil spoke about the fantastic service he received from Luke and even dedicated a song to him!

Well done, Luke!


Even with his newfound fame, Luke stayed humble when we asked him how he felt about being mentioned on the radio!

It was definitely a surprise and was really funny actually! It’s nice to be mentioned personally by customers and it’s great to hear that you’re actually making a difference, you don’t always know that. It was funny to be on the radio too, like I’m almost famous!

Introducing Hamza, our Social Networking Advisor. If you’ve ever used social media to ask a question, diagnose an appliance problem, find the right part or just give us some great feedback, Hamza is your man!

Images Of Hamza And Review

This is Georgia and Nicole. As Despatch Warehouse Operatives, they are part of a team that ensures your orders are received on time, every time!

Georgia and Nicole Holding Customer Comments

It’s really great to know that you’re doing a good job and that the customers are satisfied. If the customers aren’t happy then were not happy, so it’s great to hear it from them!


It makes you feel better and less stressed about getting everything out on time. If you know that customers are receiving their items on time and are happy with the service it makes you feel good about your job!


Aaron is our  Z-Zone Warehouse Operative and our next day delivery hero! If you need your item urgently, Aaron is the one who makes sure you get it exactly when you need it!

Aaron Holding Customer Comments

It’s really good to hear from our customers. We plan to get everything out on time so if we say next day delivery it’s good to know they are definitely getting there the next day, so that makes me feel good!

Meet Mark, our Section Leader Despatch. Mark makes it his mission to ensure no parcel is left undelivered! Working against the clock, he and his team ensure orders are on their way to you by the end of the required day.

Mark Holding Customer Comments

It’s so nice to hear from our customers! It just goes to show that we are meeting the demands that the customers expect. It’s a big effort to get all the deliveries done by 10pm so it’s great to get that positive feedback. 

So there they are, our heroes of the hour! We’d like to say a big thank you to you, our customers for making our day, every day!

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