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Tips To Protect Your Home This Winter

The festive season is just around the corner and it’s time to start making your house look as merry as possible and get planning those winter getaways!

Of course, we don’t want to put a dampener on your fun, but before you get into the spirit, take some time to ensure your home is safe and secure. It’s no secret that crime stats rise around this time of year and we hear plenty of horror stories about fairy lights and decorations causing havoc!

Here are a few ways you can be sure your home and belongings stay safe as you put up your decs and soak up some winter sun!

Keep Your Belongings Safe

According to UK Crime Stats, the number of home burglaries rises by 20% in the winter months. Make sure your home is protected by making a few small checks.

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Check your alarm – Having an alarm system is a great deterrent to burglars. Make sure to check it’s working as it should and all your alarm codes are set.

Install security cameras – For extra peace of mind install CCTV cameras around the outside of your home. Dummy cameras are also available which are a great deterrent.

Keep gifts out of sight – Although it can be tempting to wrap up all your presents and put them under the tree before Christmas, gifts on show can attract thieves. Keep them out of sight until Christmas morning to keep them safe and keep loved ones from guessing what they’ve got!

Get rid of packaging – If you have bought any expensive gadgets for Christmas, be sure to dispose of boxes and packaging which states what it is. Having this left outside your house or in your recycle bin advertises what you have inside. It’s best to take them to the tip and recycle them straight away.

Create the illusion someone is home – If you’re going away or are going to be out for a while, it’s a good idea to leave a light on or time the TV to turn on and off. Timer switches are also great to control lights so outsiders will think there is someone at home.

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Be mindful on social media – Try not to post your trip or day out on social media until you return home. Posting photos and checking in will only advertise that your home is empty and you never know who is watching.

Keep windows and doors locked – It may be an obvious one, but make sure all your windows and doors are locked and the keys are removed and kept out of sight. If you have outside lights, try not to place the lead through an open window as it will make it easier for someone to break in.

Keep Your Home Safe

As you prepare for your winter getaway or to visit friends and family for the weekend, don’t forget to ensure your home is safe and secure for when you return!

Check your lights – You want your house to look Christmassy but make sure your lights are safe by checking the fuse, replacing bulbs that have blown and not overloading sockets.

Turn them off before you leave or go to bed – It can be tempting to leave your Christmas lights on and keep your home looking festive, but lights left on could potentially cause a fire. Be sure to turn them off by the socket when you leave the house and before you go to bed.

Check your home insurance – Not to say you will need it, but it’s best to check your home insurance is all up to date and you have a copy to hand, just in case!

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Keep the heating on for a couple of hours a day – If you’re going away, make sure you set your heating to come on for a couple of hours a day or every so often through the week. The last thing you want to return home to is frozen pipes or leakage in your home!

Turn off your appliances – Unplug your TV, computer, microwave, toaster and other appliances that don’t need to be left on if you’re away for a long period of time. This will prevent any faults occurring and will save you money too!

If you’re staying home for the holidays, check out the essential appliances you need to survive winter! 

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