Garden Vacuum Clearing Autumn Leaves

5 Genius Uses For Your Garden Vacuum

It’s that time of year when the leaves start falling from the trees, the cold weather sets in and your garden vacuum comes out to play!

Sure this nifty machine does a great job keeping your garden neat and tidy through the autumn and winter months, but what if we told you there’s a lot more to your garden vac! From replacing your feather duster to helping you wash your car, here are 5 ways your vac can help with household chores, all year round!

Make Car Washing Easier

Hand Wiping Water On Black Car

You’ve just washed and cleaned your car and feel a sense of pride for avoiding the car wash! But, nothing ruins your glory more than finding blemishes and residue that appear from evaporating water. Enter the garden vac! Simply use this powerful vacuum to fully dry your car after its been washed and watch the blotches fade away. Who needs a car wash!

Clear Your Gutters

Gloved Hand Cleaning Gutters

Why clear out your gutters by hand when you can use your garden vac! Remove all dirt, debris and cobwebs with ease and improve the water flow on your roof. Just be sure to use a stable ladder and take extra care using machinery up high!

No More Snow

Snow Shovel Clearing Snow

Yes, it’s almost that time of year! But instead of spending ages shoveling snow from your driveway, use your garden vac to blast it away! This will save you from the cold as well as saving your back from aches and pains.

Remove Dryer Lint

Hands Clearing Lint From Tumble Dryer

Who knew your garden vac could help with your appliances too! Use it to remove lint from your tumble dryer and clear up any that has got caught in the machine. Removing lint will help your dryer work more efficiently, use less energy and prevent the risk the of fires caused by overheated and excess lint.

Replace Your Dust Buster

Vacuum Cleaning Wooden Floor Covered With Dust

If your regular vacuum’s just not cutting it, try your garden vac! Run it along the ceiling, in hard to reach areas and underneath your furniture and wave goodbye to stubborn dust and cobwebs.

If your garden vacuum has developed a fault, or you’re in need of some spare parts, take a look at our advice centre for some handy tips and how-to’s.

For more garden vac advice, check out our do’s and don’ts for removing autumn leaves.

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