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Why is Mrs Hinch so insanely popular? (Plus our #hinchhaul)

You probably never in a million years thought you’d hear people say, “I can’t wait to get home so I can start cleaning”.

But that was before you heard of Mrs. Hinch.

We’ve been banging on for years about the importance of cleaning appliances to help them last longer. And we’re pretty sure in just a few weeks Mrs. Hinch has converted more people to the cause than we have! She does a 10/10 job of keeping her appliances spotless.

Mrs. Hinch, we salute you.

Cleaning Products Aisle At Supermarket

But wait, who is Mrs. Hinch?

Put simply, Mrs. Hinch (real name Sophie Hinchcliffe) shares videos of herself on Instagram doing the cleaning.

That might sound ordinary enough, but she’s got over 2m followers on Instagram, has been featured in the Daily Mail and OK! Magazine and even appeared on This Morning.

If you don’t get why over 2,000,000 people would want to watch someone cleaning, we understand. In fact, we thought exactly the same thing before curiosity got the better of us and we watched her stories.

Then, we realised that there are quite a few reasons why this particular lady has got the whole country cleaning mad.

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  1. In a word, Mrs. Hinch is real. She’s down to earth about the cleaning tasks she hates and is the first to have a laugh at herself. You can’t help but like her.
  2. It turns out having a spotless home at all times is possible. Mrs. Hinch proves it. Her daily and weekly cleaning routines are realistic and doable on a budget.
  3. Her cleaning products aren’t just cleaning products. They have names and they get tucked into their bed. (Yes, really.) They’re a lot more appealing than your average scrubbing pad and you feel a lot more guilty for leaving them unused.
  4. The #hincharmy is a love-filled online community that shares cleaning tips and appreciation for each other’s spotless homes. It’s easy to clean when you’ve got thousands cheering you on. Who knew disinfectant spray could bring people together?
  5. Last but not least, Mrs. Hinch’s methods genuinely save effort. That’s all any lazy cleaner (which let’s be honest is most of us) wants from a cleaning guru.  

Plastic Tub Full Of Cleaning Supplies
Here’s what you think you know.

  • Perfectly clean houses are for people who don’t work and have no family or pets to speak of.
  • Cleaning is a chore that you’d rather put off for as long as possible.
  • It’s more fun to put your feet up on the sofa than into a pair of “buff tings” pink mop slippers. (This is an important part of the hinching routine.)

Well, there’s nothing wrong with having an untidy house. We’re all busy and we’re only human.  

But if you do aspire to have a spotless home let Mrs. Hinch take you to Narnia (her cleaning supplies cupboard) where you’ll meet Minkeh (a humble cleaning cloth) and Stewart (a rather snazzy electric scrubber).

Yeah, we can’t really explain. You’ll just have to see for yourself

Then make sure to come back so you can rate us on our own #hinchhaul.

Mrs Hinch Holding Cleaning Products
Credit: @mrshinchhome via Instagram


We’ve got thousands of cleaning products on our site and we rate them, but we thought we’d see how many of Mrs. Hinch’s faves we’ve got up for grabs.

Welcome to our very own #hinchhaul.

Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover

Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover – £2.99

In the words of Mrs. Hinch, “If anyone ever asks me about stains on carpets, this is the one… I don’t know who you are Dr Beckmann but mate, the Hinch Army love ya.”

View Now

Care Plus Protect Tumble Dryer Sheets

Tumble Dryer Sheets –  £7.99 for a pack of 20

A Mrs. Hinch trick is to put dryer sheets in your cushion covers and change weekly so they always smell lush. These particular sheets have a fresh white flower scent.

View Now

Harpic Active Fresh Toilet Cleaner

Harpic Fresh Power Pine – £1.65

This toilet cleaner is one of Mrs. Hinch’s daily go-to products and couldn’t be easier to use with just a quick squirt around the toilet rim.

View Now

Pack Of Three Green Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre Cloths – £1.99 for a pack of 3

Buddy the microfibre cloth has some brothers and sisters to join the Hinch family for multipurpose cleaning!

View Now

Pack Of Twenty Espares Batteries

eSpares AA Batteries – £2.49 for a pack of 20

Batteries aren’t in the standard #hinchhaul but they’re essential for keeping Stewart the sonic scrubber doing his job. He takes AAs – we checked.

View Now

Pink And White Dishmatic Cleaner

Dishmatic Scourer – £1.49

The Dishmatic is one of the popular Hinch Haves. This particular version is pink which gives it bonus points from all the colour coordinated hinchers out there.

View Now

Lord Sheraton Leather Wipes

Lord Sheraton Leather Wipes – £3.49 for a pack of 24

If you’ve got leather armchairs or sofas take a leaf out of Mrs. Hinch’s book and keep them looking their best with a regular wipe down.

View Now

Mr Sheen Multi Surface Polish

Mr. Sheen Polish Multi-Surface Polish – £1.99

A Sheen polish is on the daily Mrs. Hinch to-do list… after a quick whip round with Dave the duster of course!

View Now

eSpares Dishwasher And Washing Machine Cleaner

eSpares Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner & Descaler – £6.99 for 12 deep cleaning sachets

We’re really proud of this cleaner because it’s our bestseller. Nearly 1000 of our customers have reviewed it and rated it 4.8 out of 5 so we’re hoping the #hincharmy love it too!

View Now

Hinchers, how does our haul compare with yours?

Now we’ve said all we have to say on the matter of Mrs. Hinch and her wonderful cleaning routines. We’ll leave you with wise words from the queen of clean herself. All the best!

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