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Why We’re Celebrating International Repair Day!

Broken electricals or appliances? You have a choice…

Saturday 20th October is the day we’re celebrating International Repair Day! We’ve teamed up with our friends at The Restart Project and the Open Repair Alliance. to promote the value of repair and to let you know that it’s a lot easier than you think!

From the first time fixers to the DIY masters, everyone can get involved and celebrate their Right to Repair.

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International Repair Day is a day to celebrate all things repair! If you have a broken appliance or electronic device that you’ve been meaning to repair for a while but aren’t sure how, or you would like to be armed in case this happens in the future, then this day is for you!

Communities, businesses and repair experts from around the world come together to share knowledge, empower each other and learn skills that will benefit them for life!

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When we purchase an item, the last thing we think about is what we’re going to do if it breaks! But if that day comes, we want everyone to be armed with the knowledge, resources, spare parts and assistance to repair these items instead of replacing them.

This year’s event is focusing on your Right to Repair. As the fight to make repairs more accessible continues in Europe and the US, informing people of their right to repair is more important now than ever.

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Saturday 20th October is the date for your diary!

But repairing your items doesn’t just have to be for one day! You’ll learn life skills, build up the courage to complete your own repairs and be able to share your new-found knowledge with friends, family, and generations to come.

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Community repair events will be held all over the world to help you fix your broken items. Simply take your item to one of these events and experts will be on hand to provide advice, help, and assistance to ensure they leave as good as new. Here’s how to find an event near you! 

You can also celebrate repair day in your very own home! If it’s an appliance you need to fix, we have all the handy advice, guidance and spare parts you need to fix it yourself!

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There are so many ways you can get involved and support International Repair Day!

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Attend a Community Repair Event

Hundreds of community repair events will be taking place around the world on Saturday and throughout the year! Find one near you.


Fix Your Broken Appliance

If your appliance is broken or has developed a fault, don’t splash out on a new one, fix it yourself! Our helpful how-to videos give you an easy step-by-step guide on what to do and what parts you need!

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Share Your Knowledge

If you’re a repair pro or you have some handy hints and tips, share them! Pass them on to friends and family or post your knowledge with the #RepairDay and help your community in their Right to Repair!


Sign a Petition

Help transform the throw-away economy and sign a petition to guarantee longer-lasting products. Here are the Right to Repair petitions for the  UKGermany, and Italy.

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Tell us about your Experience!

If you’ve got involved in International Repair Day, we want to know about it! Share your experience or post your repair pic with the #RepairDay and join your fellow repairers!


A fixed thing is a beautiful thing!

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