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Appliances That Go Bump In The Night

If you’re getting spooked by strange noises coming from your appliances, don’t freak out! There could be a simple fix…

Although it may sound like your appliances have been taken over by an unknown being, you may just need to replace a part or change the way you use it! Here are some common causes of appliances noises and how to fix them.

Fridge Freezer

Dark Refrigerator With Light Inside

If it sounds like something is trying to scratch its way out of your frost-free fridge freezer, don’t worry there’s an easy fix (and it doesn’t involve calling ghostbusters!) If your freezer door has been left open for a period of time, it could have caused ice build-up, meaning it has to work harder to stay cool, causing the annoying noise!

What to do:

Switch off your fridge freezer and leave it for about 24 hours to give it a chance to defrost. Once you’ve turned your freezer back on the noise should have stopped. Remember to keep the door firmly closed when not in use!

Washing Machine

Woman Looking Into Light Inside Washing Machine. Magical

Washing machines are noisy creatures! The rush of water and loud spins are perfectly normal, but if it’s vibrating unusually loud and sounds like it’s about to launch into space, it’s time to investigate!

A possible cause could be an unbalanced wash load. This means that if you put a heavy item into the load, a wet towel for example, along with lighter items such as pajamas, the machine will struggle to balance the drum, causing those annoying loud noises while it spins.

What to do:

Empty the drum and run a spin cycle, if the noise has stopped, it is probably due to an imbalanced drum. To stop this from happening, simply separate your heavy garments from lighter ones and wash each pile together. This will help the drum to spin more efficiently (and quietly!)

If this doesn’t fix the problem, check out these other causes for a noisy washing machine.

Tumble Dryer

View From Inside Dark Tumble Dryer

If your tumble dryer is spinning louder than usual or making a creepy squeaking, screeching or droning noise, it may have developed a problem.

A common issue and one with an easy fix is that the fan is out of balance. If it’s a droning noise you’re hearing and your dryer is vibrating, the fan may need clearing or replacing.

What to do:

Firstly disconnect the machine, then slowly spin the drum to check the fan is rotating without shaking. If there is a build-up of debris coated on the fan blades, remove this using a paintbrush. If the fan needs replacing, here’s an easy to follow video on how to do so.

If this doesn’t fix the noise, check out this video on how to diagnose tumble dryer problems.



Inside Open Dishwasher

If your dishwasher is making loud noises and you fear having to hand wash your dishes, there can be an easy fix! If the noise is occurring when the machine is starting, it could mean debris has got stuck in the drain pump. If it happens during the cycle, the same could have happened to the recirculation pump or wash motor.

What to do:

Turn off and unplug your machine then carefully remove any objects from the pump. This will help quieten the machine. If it continues to squeal or rattle, you may need to replace the pump. Don’t worry, our how-to videos give you a step-by-step guide!

Drain Pump

Recirculation pump


For more appliance faults and how to fix them, check out our handy advice centre.

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