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Are You Using Your Dishwasher Correctly?

Your dishwasher is the ultimate argument saver when it comes to washing dishes! While it does all the hard work for you, you can sit back, relax and watch your favourite TV show. But are we using our beloved dishwashers correctly?

46% of UK households have opted for a dishwasher rather than hand-washing dishes! As we start to rely more on our dishwashers, we should be making sure we are getting the best out of them.

Here are 10 common dishwasher mistakes that could be damaging your machine and leaving your kitchenware dirtier than when it went in!

Not Using The Detergent Correctly

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As important as it is to use a good dishwasher detergent, it’s even more important to use it correctly! Adding extra detergent to your machine, won’t make your dishes cleaner. In fact, it it will leave a film of detergent across the dishwasher and dishes meaning you’ll have to wash it all again! Ensure you use the right detergent and follow the instructions exactly.


Very Full Dishwasher With Plates In The Cup Compartment

It’s great to use the space in your dishwasher but be careful not to overcrowd it. If your dishes are all crammed together, water won;t be able to reach them and it could damage your plates and mugs when they bang into each other. Use the space but ensure there is enough room between them to get a good clean!

Partially Filling

Dishwasher Looking Empty With A Few Plates And Cutlery

Although we don’t want you to overfill your dishwasher, partially filling it is also a bad idea. Not only will washing half a load more often waste energy and electricity, it also means twice the emptying time! Wait to wash your dishes until you have a full load or hand wash small loads when you need them. It will use half the water and half the detergent!

Not Checking If Items Are Dishwasher Safe

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It’s easy just to stick everything in the dishwasher, but some items just aren’t suppose to be there. Avoid wood, copper, cast iron and delicate glassware, so not to ruin your items. Check for the warning label on the bottom of cups and plates that may tell you if it’s not dishwasher safe.

Not Removing Food

Dirty Dishes Inside Dishwasher

It’s advised that you don’t pre-wash your dishes in order to save water, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to clear food from them. Modern dishwashers are great at removing food residue but too much food left on dishes can cause problems for your the machine. Be sure to scrape off any food before you put it in. (It’s not as bad as washing them by hand!)

Emptying The Wrong Way Round

Woman Emptying The Bottom Shelf Of Dishwasher

You might not know this but there is actually a right way to empty your dishwasher! Make sure you unload the bottom rack first. The tops of cups and bowls on the top shelf can sometimes gather water during a cycle. If your remove them first, you’ll splash unclean water onto the clean dishes below.

Blocking The Sprayer

Water Being Sprayed On Dishes Inside Dishwasher

The trusty sprayer arm is what ensure every dish in the machine in clean! So, make sure you don’t block it with any large pots or plates. A blocked sprayer can mean your dishes come out still dirty and you’ll have to do it all again!

Letting Your Spoons Spoon

Close Up On Cutlery Inside Dishwasher

Nestling your spoons (or folks) together will save space, but it won’t make them very clean! If water and detergent can’t get between them, the dirt can’t be washed away. Try to alternate your spoons and folks with some facing upwards and some facing downwards to ensure they all come out sparkling clean.

Avoiding Regular Cleaning

Close Up On Hand Holding Cloth To Clean The Dishwasher

Regular cleaning is essential to ensure your machine stands the test of time! A build up of detergent or limescale will prevent your dishwasher from working effectively and can lead to future damage. Invest in a dishwasher cleaner and descaler and regularly freshen up your machine.

Not Following Instructions

Red Warning Stamp Reading Important Information

Have you ever looked at your dishwasher manual or even know where you put it? We’re guessing the answer is no and you’re not alone! Each dishwasher is different so although it wont be the most interesting read, take a few minutes to scan through your manual and get to know your machine to give it the TLC it needs!

If you think your dishwasher may have developed a fault, check out our video on how to diagnose and fix any problems. We have a whole range of spares for you to fix it yourself and we promise it’s not as hard as you may think!

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