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8 Weird and Wonderful Gadgets From IFA 2018

Talking to your dog when you’re out at work, a robot that helps you sleep and a washing machine that does all the hard work for you! These are just some of the weird and wonderful gadgets launched at this year’s IFA show!

Are you a tech fanatic or do you think smart technology is becoming out of control? Take a look at these gadgets of the future and let us know what you think!

Samsung 85 Inch 8K TV


An 85 Inch TV

As the demand for bigger TV screens grows, Samsung is definitely answering the calls! That’s right, Samsung launched a whopping 85-inch 8K TV with resolution so high you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action! All you need to do is work out where to put it!

 Opro9 SmartDiaper Attachment Strip


A Notification For When to Change a Nappy

As any parents know it’s hard to get the balance between false alarms and overdue nappies! Welcome the  Opro9 SmartDiaper – a sensor that attaches to the nappy and sends a message to your smartphone when it’s time for a change.  It works by measuring the humidity and temperature inside the nappy and can even work for up to 5 babies!

Sharp Washing Machine In Kitchen


One Button Washing Machine

One for the lazy launderers! The 1-Touch Pro Series washing machine from Sharp senses the type of textile, the weight and even how dirty it is, and places it on the right cycle with the right amount of detergent! All you have to do is sort the clothes into colour pile, simple!

 LAÏKA CamToy Gadget For Dogs


FaceTime Your Dog From Work

Imagine being able to speak to your dog, play with them and give them treats when you’re not at home! Well, with the LAÏKA CamToy you can do exactly that! The new interactive companion lets you see, hear and speak to your pet straight from your smartphone, making the time away from your best friend a lot more bearable.

FoldiMate Machine With Opening And Basket For Clothes

Hands-Free Laundry Folder

If you dread the chore of folding shirts and your laundry pile is overflowing, the new FoldiMate might be the one for you. Extremely simple to use, you just place the item in the top tray and the clever machine uses sensors to decide what kind of garment it is and folds it neatly, completing a whole pile in under 4 minutes!

InstaSwitch Smart Freezer With Multiple Sections


A Freezer That’s Also a Fridge

This multi-use InstaSwitch Smart Freezer from Haier can be controlled by your smartphone and turned into a fridge as and when you need it. The single door model is filled with a number of departments that can be individually controlled depending on your needs. It even has a built-in Wi-Fi radio and a power alert which sends you a message if the kids leave the door open!

Somnox Robotic Sleep Pillow


A Robot to Help You Sleep

The new Somnox Sleep Robot could be the answer to your sleeping nightmares! The size of a small cushion, it mimics soft breathing and plays gentle music to help you get to sleep faster, sleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed. It can even be linked to your smartphone and set to your personal preferences.

Small Smarter Fridge Camera Attachment


Smart Fridge Without the Cost

That’s right, you can have all the benefits of a smart fridge without the hefty bill with the newly launched Smarter FridgeCam. The wireless camera links up to your smartphone so you can see what’s in your fridge anytime from anywhere and add items to your list ready for your next food shop. Because who needs the hassle of actually getting up to open the fridge anymore?

Would you invest in any of these gadgets? Let us know in the comments below…

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