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Keep Your Cool With These 5 Top Fan Hacks!

Your fan has probably been your best friend this summer, but you could be getting a lot more out of this relationship!

Fans are great at cooling you down, but most of us find they are just a short term fix and only work when you’re standing directly in front of them. Well, we’ve found some seriously must-try hacks that will leave you thinking ‘why didn’t I try that before!’

Create Your Own Air Conditioning

Red Bowl Full Of Ice Cubes

Placing a bowl of ice in front of your fan will create a misty atmosphere in your home that will instantly cool you down. It’s a great trick for those hot, sticky nights too! Don’t have ice? A wet cloth will roughly do the same job, just place it over the front and feel the benefits!

Don’t Point It Directly At You!

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It may seem strange, but facing your fan towards the window instead of inside will make your home much cooler! When it is pointing outside, hot air can be blown out of the room and replaced with cold air, especially at night when the air is cooler.

Two Fans Are Better Than One

Set Of Two Cooling Fans

To make the above trick even more effective, add another fan! While one fan is facing the window blowing cold air out, your second could be encouraging cool air to come in! Place the second in the centre of the doorway or in the corner away from the window fan. Doing so will create a wind tunnel that allows hot air to escape and cool air to enter.

Change The Direction Of Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan On Wooden Ceiling

Switching your ceiling fan to counterclockwise instead of clockwise, will blow cold air downwards instead of blowing warm air around the room. Make sure you turn it off before adjusting and be careful of the blades.

Trick Mosquitoes

Hand Holding Mosquito Spray

Mosquitoes don’t make you hotter, but they certainly make summer a lot more annoying! Mosquitoes hate crosswinds and it makes them unable to land. If you want to repel them, sit near a fan or even bring it out to the garden with you.

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For more ways to keep your home cool this summer, check out these 8 tips to beat the heat!

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