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Get the Most out of Your TV This Summer!

Whatever you’re watching this summer, make sure you’re getting the very best viewing experience!

We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to make sure you’re getting the best quality, sound and atmosphere for you to enjoy your favourite shows even more!

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Location, Location, Location

First things first! Your TV will need to be in the best position for you to get the best viewing experience. Make sure your seating is facing the television straight on. From an angle, colours can start to look washed out and you wont be able to enjoy the full picture. Also consider reflections from lighting. Try to place lamps behind your television and have it facing away from the windows. Invest in a good TV stand so you can adjust your TV to suit your viewing.

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Go High

Another great way to position your TV is to put it on a wall mount! Not only does this look great in your home, it also saves space, can reduce reflections from lights and windows and improves safety. It’s also pretty easy to set up. Take a look at our how to guide for some handy hints and tips.

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Picture Perfect

When purchasing a television, the settings are usually pre-set to shop floor mode which is usually very bright in order for it to stand out. The best way to choose your brightness is to focus on something black on screen, such as a black jacket. Turn the brightness all the way up until the black item looks slighly grey, then gradually turn it down until it starts to look black again and leave it just before the detail of the jacket starts to fade. This is usually around 50%.

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Now you’ve got your picture sorted, you want great sound to go with it. As televisions get thinner, it tends to have an effect on the quality of the sound. Sound Bars and Surround Sound Systems are great ways to improve sound and create a cinematic experience in your home. But, before you do so, take a look at the sound settings. Try watching a scene that contains both speech and music and experiment with the tone and balance out the bass and treble so you can hear without straining.

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Stay In Control

Reduce the amount of time searching for the remote by investing in a universal 2-in-1 remote control. You can manage all your devices with just one controller and easily switch between them to suit your viewing. If you’re wondering which is best for your devices, take a look at our handy guide for choosing the right remote control for you. And, don’t forget to stock up on batteries!

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Never Miss an Episode

Have you ever left the house and realised you forgot to record your favourite show? Nightmare! But, with the TV Guide app you can record episodes straight from your phone! It links up to most TV providers such as Sky, Virgin, Freeview, Talk Talk and many more and means you can view the full TV guide and make sure it’s on record. Check our guide on how to use it and never miss your shows again!

So next time you settle down to binge watch your favourite TV show, be sure that everything is set up and you don’t have to lift a finger!

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