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Cleaning Tips To Survive The Allergy Season

Spring has arrived but that means so has allergy season. But, before you get bogged down with sniffly noses and puffy eyes, try battling your allergies with some spring cleaning.

Believe it or not, cleaning your home can reduce the effect of allergies and keep them at bay. Here are some top tips that will save you from the sniffles and help you enjoy the weather!

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Invest in an Air PurifierAir purifiers reduce allergens such as dust, smoke, chemicals, asbestos, pollen and pet dander in your home. Be sure to clear the filters regularly to keep allergens at bay.

Clean Forgotten Areas – Pollen can creep into all areas of the home. So, while you’re completing your spring clean, don’t forget about curtains, blinds, windowsills, tops of door frames, lamp shades and any other nooks and crannies!

Add Cleaning Filters to Your Checklist – Anything with a filter, be it vacuums, tumble dryers or fans, wash or change them regularly to avoid pollen and dust build up.

Vacuum Once or Twice a Week – Vacuum regularly and invest in a HEPA filter to target small allergens.

Wear a Mask When Cleaning or Gardening – Leave the area for a short while after to limit your exposure to any allergens you may have put out in the open.

Create a Shoe Free House – Prevent guests from spreading pollen in your home by asking them to remove shoes and jackets when they enter.

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Wash and Change When You Get Home – Pollen gets in your clothes, hair and sticks to your skin. When you get home remove the clothes you’ve been wearing and rinse away the pollen.

Wipe Down Your Pets – Just like your hair, pollen will stick to your pet’s fur and paws. Invest in a pack of pet wipes and keep them by your door to prevent allergies spreading in your home.

Wash Sheets Weekly in Hot Water – Wash sheets on a strong hot wash to kill dust mites and remove any pollen.

Don’t Dry Laundry Outside – Laundry left to dry outside will pick up pollen and mould. Try to use an indoor clothes dryer instead.

Use a Damp Cloth or Mop When Cleaning – The moisture will trap allergens instead of allowing them to float in the air.

Say Goodbye to Rugs – Rugs and carpets can trap allergens. Wood, tile or hardwood floors will reduce allergies or you can invest in smaller, washable rugs which you can keep clean.

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While you’re in the cleaning mood, check out these 12 appliances you should include in your spring clean. 

Happy cleaning!

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