Red Fridge With Colourful Leaves And Butterflies

Give Your Fridge a Spring Makeover!

The fridge is the heart of the kitchen! So if yours is looking a little old and tired, why not give it a super spring makeover!

If it’s working just fine, there’s no need to splash out on a new one, just get your creative juices flowing and it will look brand spanking new in no time at all.

Take a look at these ideas from talented DIY bloggers and give your fridge a facelift!

Chalkboard Fridge With Shopping List
Credit: The Handmade Home


Turn it into a Chalk Board

Forget smart fridges, you can create your very own shopping list on your fridge with this creative idea. Simply apply primer and chalkboard paint to your dull-looking appliance and turn it into a drawing board, shopping list or a way to prevent the kids from drawing on the walls! Ok, so it’s not as high tech, but it’s a whole lot cheaper and gives your kitchen a personal touch. Give it a try!

Here’s how!

Fridge In Kitchen Painted Green
Credit: Cozy Crooked Cottage


Change the Colour

If you’re looking to add a bit of colour to your kitchen or you’ve decided to redecorate and your fridge just doesn’t match anymore, why not paint it! Whether a bright and bold colour is your thing or if you just want to paint over the marks, a coat of paint can bring the life back into your fridge and colour into your kitchen.

Here’s how!

Colourful Place Mats On Fridge Shelves
Credit: My Life from Home


Add Colour to the Shelves

This genius trick from ‘My Life from Home’ blog not only leaves your fridge shelves looking bright and colourful but also minimises cleaning time by catching spills and leaks! Simply get some plastic placemats in the design of your choice, cut them to size and place them on your shelves.

Here’s how!

Fridge With Stainless Steel Paint
Credit: The Craft Patch


Recreate Stainless Steel

Tired of trying to keep your stainless steel clean? Like the idea of a stainless steel fridge but don’t want to buy a new one? Here’s a much cheaper and easier solution – stainless steel paint! Giving you the same effect as stainless steel but a whole lot easier to maintain, this paint is a definite must-try!

Here’s how!

Vintage Paris Style Fridge With Photos
Credit: Trois Petites Filles


Go Vintage!

This stunning Parisian style fridge will bring character to any kitchen! By mixing wax and paint, this trick will make your fridge look like an antique and give your kitchen some vintage style.

Here’s how!

Fridge With One Side Full Of Colourful Photos
Credit: My Friend Staci


Fill it With Memories

If you’re stuck for a place to put all your photos, why not turn your fridge into a place full of memories! Simply print off some colourful pictures, place them on the front or sides and you can remember all those good times whilst cooking or preparing your food. ‘My Friend Staci’ blog shows you how you can do this without using magnets.

Here’s how!

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For more ways to ensure your fridge stands the test of time, take a look at our Advice Centre for some common fridge faults and how to fix them. 

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