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Seriously Smart Appliance Launches from This Year’s CES!

From see-through fridges and foldable TV Screens to appliances that communicate with each other – CES 2018 had it all! We’ve gathered some of the smartest technology launches this year’s show had to offer. Prepare for some serious appliance envy…


Samsung Family Hub 3.0

Samsung Family Hub Fridge 3.0

Winner of the CES Best of Innovation Award (and we can see why) was Samsung’s next-generation Family Hub Refrigerator. Set to enhance food management and create new ways to have fun in the kitchen, the new smart fridge offers a range of benefits:

  • Enhanced entertainment
  • Food shopping reminders
  • Recipe recommendations using ingredients in your fridge
  • Bixby voice control
  • Content streaming from your smartphone
  • Find great grocery bargains
  • Connect to other devices
  • Meal planning

Find out more here.


LG’s Connected Appliance Network

LG ThinQ Kitchen Solution Appliances

LG Electronics brought a whole new cooking experience to the table! This collection of connected appliances makes for stress-free meal-planning and even makes it easier to clean up!

Check out some of the features:


LG EasyClean Oven

  • Takes data from the fridge and begins preheating
  • Notifies user when cleaning is due
  • Turns over-the-range hood and lamp switch on automatically when the cooktop is in use
  • Sends information to Quadwash for the perfect wash cycle



  • Selects cycle depending on meals
  • Monitored using voice commands
  • Four multi-motion spray arms
  • Fast and thorough cleaning of items all shapes and sizes


LG InstaView ThinQ

  • 29-inch touch LDC display
  • Transforms into a transparent window with 2 knocks
  • Recipe creator with ingredients in the fridge
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Verbally guides through recipes
  • Streams music and entertainment

For more information on this fascinating range, click here.


Gourmia Smart Multi-Cooker

Gourmia Smart Multi-Cooker With Google Assistant


A major win for smaller home appliances was the Gourmia Smart Multi-Cooker GKM9000, featuring its very own 7-inch LCD touchscreen and built-in Google Assistant. It includes several different blades for stirring, chopping and whipping, an integrated scale for accurate measurement of ingredients and 100 pre-loaded recipes.


LG 65-inch Rollable OLED TV

LG 65 Inch Rollable OLED TV Screen

LG 65 Inch Rollable TV Folded View

Another innovation from LG is the 65-inch rollable TV. Folding away like a large newspaper, the next-generation model can be used in 3 separate modes:

  • Quarter Panels – for displaying information like news, weather or photos
  • 21:9 aspect ratio – perfect for watching movies
  • Fully extended – for an enhanced viewing experience

What’s more, the screen makes for top viewing quality with 4K resolution!

So what do you think of this year’s CES launches? Some say genius, some say there are far too many gimmicks and not worth the money. Tell us your views!

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