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Beat the Blues – 8 Tips to Boost Your Holiday Booking Game

There’s no better way to beat the winter blues than to book yourself a sunny getaway, and we don’t need any more convincing than that!

But, before you start scrolling through those travel websites and digging out your sun hat, here are 8 handy travel tips to make sure you fly through the booking process!

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Stay Protected

And we don’t just mean sun cream! Always ensure your holiday is ATOL- protected. This means if the company collapses or there is a natural disaster (touch wood) you are financially covered. Always check the ATOL logo at the bottom of the company page and ensure your holiday is 100% stress free.


Beat the Queues

The airport is busiest during the afternoon to early evening. To avoid queues and reduce your chances of delays, try to book non-peak flights either early morning or late evening. You’ll thank us when you bag that extra leg room!

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Hide the Cookies!

Believe it or not some airlines and booking sites use HTTP cookies to raise fares on routes you search repeatedly! Try not to use the same Wi-Fi connection or clear your computer’s cookies. Always double check prices before booking and stay ahead of the game!


Best Seat in the House

Your seat on the plane can be the difference between a happy trip and a holiday nightmare! Ok maybe not that bad, but it is important. Book your seat early to ensure you are sitting with your fellow travellers, have enough leg room,  and, if you’re queasy, have an aisle seat! Note that the back rows tend to get manually booked last so if you’re looking to bag an extra seat, give it a try.

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Know Where You’re Going

It may sound obvious, but there are some places which have 2 airports and the cheaper one may be miles from your destination. Check where your hotels nearest airports are and don’t get caught out with large taxi fares.


And When You Get There…

Again an obvious one! But we’ve all heard the horror stories of people booking flights but arriving a day earlier or leaving a day later than expected and not having a bed for the night! Double and triple check your flight times with your hotel booking to ensure you’re not sleeping out under the stars!

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Get From A to B

When arriving at the airport, tired with luggage in hand, the last thing you want to do is spend ages trying to find your accommodation. Either book a direct transfer or plan the route in advance to save time and awkward travel translation!


Get Covered

No one wants to believe anything could possibly go wrong on your trip of a lifetime, but just in case it does, ensure you’re fully covered. Make sure your insurance secures you for health costs, theft, lost luggage and any other possible disasters, so nothing will phase you while your soaking up the sun.

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Follow these hints and tips and have yourself a truly jolly holiday! Now all that’s left is find your best swimsuit and remember to pack your toothbrush. Bon Voyage!

Let us know where you’re planning on jetting off to this summer in the comments below!

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