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Buddy’s Top DIY Tips to Get Your Home Christmas Ready

With all the Christmas present wrapping and helping Santa with his sleigh, Buddy just can’t find the time for DIY. So, he’s put together some top time-saving and mess-free tips to help you get your home in ship shape just in time for Christmas!


Painting and Decorating

Buddy Wrapping Masking Tape Around Paint Brush

  1. Wrapping masking tape around paintbrushes will prevent paint from dripping onto your hands when painting overhead
  2. To stop paint spilling on your floor, glue a paper plate to the bottom of your paint cans
  3. Use baby oil to remove paint residue from your skin

  1. Remove masking tape from walls by heating with a hairdryer
  2. Add two teaspoons of vanilla essence to one-and-a-half litres of paint to reduce overbearing paint smells
  3. Keep valuable brushes in good condition by hanging them from a clothes hanger after cleaning

Buddy Heating Masking Tape With Hairdryer

Drilling and Hammering

Buddy Sat With Nail Varnish and Nails


  1. To make sure screws never come undone, apply a drop of nail varnish to the hole before tightening
  2. Rub the tips of nails with soap before hammering so they enter walls smoothly


  1. Use a pin tail comb to hold nails in place when hammering
  2. For smaller nails, use a sheet of paper to protect your fingers

Buddy Putting Up Decorations With Comb and Nail


Buddy Sat On Tap With Coffee Jar


  1. Hands that are dirty, oily or greasy can be cleaned with coffee grounds which have an absorbent and abrasive effect
  2. Place drywall screws in the bottom of chair legs to paint the whole chair in one go


  1. When drilling into walls, tape an envelope or carrier bag underneath the area to catch dust and debris
  2. Use face cleansing wipes to wipe away paint stains on hard surfaces

Buddy Wiping Wall With Cleansing Wipe


Buddy Next to Door Hinge With Talc


  1. Sprinkle Talcum powder onto squeaky door hinges and floorboards
  2. Ice cubes can remove indentations in your carpet
  3. Mount a spring-powered rat trap behind your door to make a great automatic door closer


  1. Make threading a needle easier by squirting the thread with hairspray to make it stiff
  2. Tie dental floss around a dripping tap and put the end down the drain to prevent the noise until it can be fixed
  3. Double-sided tape makes a great rug gripper

Buddy With Thread And Hairspray


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