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Appliance Cleaning Checklist for a Sparkling Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love said to me – make sure the oven is clean for Christmas dinner. Ah, the romance!

Instead of rushing around on Christmas morning trying to clean your appliances, start the chore early and leave more time to open presents and sip on Bucks Fizz! With this handy appliance cleaning checklist, you can plan your cleaning and make sure you don’t miss a spot.

Fridge & Freezer

Your fridge is about to be crammed full of all the festive goodies! So, before you complete your big Christmas shop and can no longer see a speck of shelving, give it a good clean.

Clean Metal Fridge With Red Bow And Gifts

□ Have a fridge purge! Get rid of anything out of date, any leftovers or opened sauces that have been hiding in the draws for months. A clean slate will put you on the right track.

□ Wipe down shelves, trays, draws and inside walls and invest in a fridge deodoriser for a fresh smell whenever you open the door!

□ Vacuum the coils at the back of your fridge. Blocked or dirty coils can affect the efficiency of your fridge and even cost you money.

□  Wipe the exterior and stick on some Christmas magnets to get you in the festive spirit.


Arguably the most important appliance of the day! The maker of turkey, stuffing and those all-important pigs in blankets, your oven deserves a little TLC before the hard work begins.

Silver Oven With Red Ribbon

□  Remove racks and clean individually using oven cleaner spray to remove any grease or stuck-on food.

□  Spray the cooker hob with the same cleaner, leave for a few minutes to let it soak and then simply wipe away.

□ Clean the outside and the glass front so you can see your turkey cooking as well as smell it.

□  Leave your oven smelling fresh by heating a bowl of water with a drop of vanilla. The scent will even travel throughout your home – who needs an air freshener!


Time for the big clean up! Ensure your dishwasher is up to the job by ticking off these essential cleaning jobs.

Dishwasher Inside Present Box With Red Bow

□ Empty and clean the dishwasher filter to make sure your dinner cutlery is sparkling clean and ready for the evening clean up!

□  Wash the dish racks and wipe down both the inside and outside of your washer.


Your microwave might be the saviour of the day! If you need a quick fix or you’ve forgotten those all-important potatoes, welcome your microwave.

Silver Microwave With Red Ribbon

□ Remove the turntable, clean the plate and wash the wheels with a toothbrush.

□  Wipe the interior with a cloth and warm soapy water to get rid of any food or grease.

□  Buff dry with a cloth.


Christmas day breakfast wouldn’t be the same without your trusty toaster. Here’s how to make sure your tree-shaped toast tastes perfect!

Red And Silver Toaster With Red Ribbon

□ Unplug your toaster, remove the racks and the crumb tray to empty and clean.

□ Wipe the inside with a damp cloth and washing up liquid.

□  Scrub away burnt-on food with an old toothbrush.

□  Wipe the outside with a soapy cloth. If its chrome – crumple a ball of aluminium foil (shiny side out) and rub off any rust spots.

Coffee Machine

Full of turkey and joy, there’s nothing you want more than a nice warm cup of coffee as you reminisce on your day! Make sure it’s a good one by cleaning out your coffee machine.

Coffe Machine With Red Ribbon

□  Remove the wash filter and carafe to clean.

□  Descale water deposits using a cleaner and descaler.

□  Run two cycles of plain water to rinse it all out.

□  Wipe down the outside so it’s sparkling both inside and out!


To make sure you’re all set for the big day, check for any last-minute appliance buys with our 9 Nifty Appliances To Save The Day This Christmas.

We wish you a (clean) and Merry Christmas!

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