Christmas Tree Surrounded By Appliances

Appliance Cleaning Checklist for a Sparkling Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love said to me – make sure the ovens clean for Christmas dinner. Ah, the romance!

Instead of rushing around on Christmas morning trying to clean your appliances, start the chore early and leave more time to open presents and sip on Bucks Fizz! With this handy appliance cleaning checklist, you can plan your cleaning and ensure you don’t miss a spot.


Fridge & Freezer

Clean Metal Fridge With Red Bow And Gifts


□  Defrost and make room by getting rid of everything that’s inedible

□  Wash shelves, trays, drawers and inside walls

□  Vacuum fridge coils

□  Wipe the exterior and arrange magnets and notes


Silver Oven With Red Ribbon


□  Remove racks and clean individually

□  Spray the cooker hob, wait to soak and then scrub clean

□ Wipe both the inside and outside

□  Heat a bowl of water with a drop of vanilla for a fresh scent

Sink & Dishwasher

Dishwasher Inside Present Box With Red Bow


□  Clean drains & clean and polish sink

□  Wash the dish racks

□  Empty food trap

□  Wipe inside and outside of Dishwasher


Silver Microwave With Red Ribbon



□  Wipe the interior with a cloth and warm soapy water

□  Remove the turntable, clean the plate and scrub the wheels with a toothbrush

□  Wipe the exterior with a multi-purpose cleaner and don’t forget the fan slats

□  Buff dry with a cloth


Red And Silver Toaster With Red Ribbon

□  Unplug and empty the crumb tray

□  Remove the toaster-oven racks and clean

□  Wipe the inside with a damp cloth and washing up liquid

□  Remove burnt on food with a toothbrush

□  Remove and soak the knobs in soapy water

□  Wipe the outside with a soapy cloth. If its chrome – crumple a ball of aluminium foil (shiny side out) and rub off rust spots.

Coffee Machine

Coffe Machine With Red Ribbon


□  Remove the wash filter and carafe and clean

□  Descale water deposits

□  Run two cycles of plain water to rinse

□  Wipe down outside

Blender/Mixer/Food Processor

Silver Blender In Red Ribbon


□  Remove blades and other removable parts and soak in soapy water

□  Hand wash blender carafe and food processor bowl

□  Scour blades

□  Dry pieces thoroughly to prevent rust

□  Wipe down bases with a cloth and washing up liquid

To make sure you’re all set for the big day, check for any last minute appliance buys with our 9 Nifty Appliances To Save The Day This Christmas

And, whilst we’re on the subject of Christmas carols, ‘we wish you a (clean) and Merry Christmas!’

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