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Which 5 Appliances Use the Most Energy in Your Home?

While you’re out at work earning money to keep your appliances ticking along, they could be eating up all the energy in your home! According to The Energy Saving Trust, an average household will spend £80 a year on powering appliances that are left on standby and not in use – scary stuff!

Here’s a list of the top 5 appliances which could be costing you the most, along with some tips to save energy and keep your appliances (and pocket) happy!

Fridge Freezer

Costing an average of £40-£60 to run annually(1), your fridge freezer is one of the most expensive appliances in your home. To save on energy costs, make sure:

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  • The fridge temperature is set to 3-4°c and your freezer to between -15°c and -18°c.
  • The freezer is stocked up to keep the cold in but try not to overload
  • It is defrosted regularly
  • The back of the fridge is dust free by regularly vacuuming
  • The door seal is checked regularly and isn’t open for longer than necessary
  • Your fridge is kept out of direct sunlight and away from heat-generating appliances such as ovens and tumble dryers


Electric ovens often use more energy than gas ovens with an average spend of £21.08 a year, compared to gas at £7.60.(1)  To save money on your electric oven, follow these tips:

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  • Try to cook in batches to ensure all heat is being used (freeze excess food for later)
  • Keep the door closed when cooking
  • Defrost food before heating to cut down cooking time
  • Use glass ceramic dishes as they are the most efficient
  • Turn oven off 10 minutes before end of cooking time as it will stay heated in this time
  • Only use the oven’s self-cleaning cycle on major clean-up operations

Tumble Dryer

With the average annual cost of running a tumble dryer amounting to around £37(1), there are a few things you can do to save:

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  • Use a clothes line whenever you can and try to plan your wash days around the weather (although that can be difficult in Britain!)
  • Use a spin cycle when washing to remove as much water as possible from clothes before drying
  • Fill your dryer as much as possible
  • Try to dry similar materials together to shorten drying time
  • Untangle and separate items to allow them to circulate freely



Throughout the year your dishwasher could cost you an estimated £19.44.(1) Use these tips to cut the cost!

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  • Use energy saving cycles whenever possible
  • Load the dishwasher correctly and aim for a full load each time
  • Try not to overfill as it may result in dishes not getting a proper clean
  • Use the ‘no-heat air dry’ feature if it has one. If not, leave the door open after washes for faster drying



Last but certainly not least is everyone’s favourite household appliance! Probably the most used appliance in the home, televisions can cost around £62.61 a year if watched for around 6.5 hours a day(1) (depending on the type.) So next time you want to watch your favourite soap or prepare for your new series marathon, take these tips into consideration!

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  • Do not leave on standby! As tempting as this is, turning your TV off properly will ensure you save a whole lot of energy
  • Reduce the backlight setting as it can be the biggest drain on power. The lower the backlight – the less energy used
  • If you listen to the radio through your TV, use the radio screen blanking feature
  • Use the energy-saving mode if your TV has one

As well as saving significant money on your household bills, these top tips will also help your appliances last a whole lot longer! For more tips on keeping your appliances happy, check out The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Help Your Appliances Last Longer

(1)  Carbon Footprint


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