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10 Important Areas You Always Forget To Clean

There’s no better feeling than knowing your home is clean and dirt free (we think so anyway.) But what if we told you there are parts of your house you’ve almost certainly missed out and they are probably gathering the most dirt and dust?

Not to fear our fellow clean freaks, here we have a list of those sneaky areas with tips to get your house spick and span again. Phew!

Gap Under Cabinate With Cleaning Supplies On Side

Under Appliances

Germs, dust and dirt like to live in hard to reach areas such as under or between appliances and worktops. The best way to tackle this is to pull your appliances out and clean the floor, sides and wipe down the wall behind with a damp rag and soap. Repeat this process regularly and keep those pesky germs at bay!

Man Looking Through Washmachine Looking Confused

Washing Machine

Although it doesn’t quite make sense to clean something that is made to clean, your washing machine needs some TLC too! To keep it in peak performance try to clean it once a month, leaving the door open to air it out between washes.

Open Dishwasher Empty In Kitchen


Just like your washing machine, dishwashers also needs a good clean every so often in order to keep your dishes sparkling. To do this, first rinse the dishwasher filter, then run a cycle on hot with a cup of white vinegar. This will work wonders for removing hard-water deposits, soap scum and clogged food debris.

Coffee Machine With Full Cup Of Coffee

Coffee Machine

When completing your spring clean don’t forget about your smaller appliances such as coffee machines. Simply rinsing it out isn’t enough, your machine will need to be cleaned daily with soap and warm water to prevent mould growth. For a deep clean, run a cycle with white vinegar and water and another with only water to eliminate the smell of vinegar. Repeat this regularly to keep you supplied with your daily coffee fix!

Vacuum Filter Full Of Dust

Vacuum Filter

The filters in your vacuum gather dirt and can hinder the performance of your vacuum cleaner. However, they can be easily cleaned by removing the filter, rinsing with tap water until all the dirt is flushed out and then squeezing out the excess water. Leave the filter to dry thoroughly for at least 24 hours before putting it back. (Giving you a good excuse to put your feet up – you’re welcome!)

Silver Metal Rubbish Bin With Open Lid

Rubbish Bin

We don’t need to tell you how smelly your bin can be after it’s been filled with trash, yuk! Getting rid of the bin bag doesn’t always make it go away as residue can leak from the bag or slip through the side, leaving you with a lingering unpleasant smell. Clean it regularly with disinfectant spray and scrub it with hot water, soap and a bit of elbow grease to keep your bin smelling as fresh as possible.

Hand Holding Door Knob With Light Switch Next To It

Light Switches, Door Knobs and Handles

Switches, knobs and handles in your home are touched hundreds of times each day! Make sure you regularly wipe down bathroom door handles, kitchen cabinet knobs and light and plug switches to prevent the risk of germs and bacteria spreading.

Hand Holding Remote Towards Television


Just like handles and switches, your remotes and controllers are at the top of the list for regular household use. All those channel flicks can mean germs are spreading fast and building up over time. Once a week, remove the batteries and clean with an antibacterial wipe or disinfectant, so you can continue fighting over the remote – but germ-free!

Coloured Toothbrushes In White Holder

Toothbrush Holder

When you clean your bathroom, you may be forgetting about one of the most important jobs! Leftover water and toothpaste residue can gather at the bottom of your toothbrush holder and create a gunky or mouldy mess, with your toothbrush just millimetres from touching it! Rinse and clean it out regularly to ensure it’s as clean and fresh as your teeth!

Collection Of Cleaning Equipment On White Background

Cleaning Supplies

Your trusty cleaning supplies help you to keep your house in top condition, but they need cleaning too! By not cleaning your supplies, you risk germs spreading throughout your home as you clean, giving it the opposite effect! Scrub your toilet brushes, brooms and sponges, shake out your dusters and put your cloth’s through the wash weekly and they will repay you by keeping your home clean and dust-free.


So there you have it, our tips to beat those pesky germs and keep your house clean from top to bottom. Kim and Aggie would be proud!

For more quick cleaning tips, take a look at our 20 Timesaving Cleaning Tips post or share your own knowledge in the comments below.

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